Youth Justice Shed update

Here is an update on Youth Justice Pop-Up Shed and their Fire Station Shed. 

Things are really busy as usual this end, with plenty of great projects being made by our young people which are then benefiting others within our community. 
The large, free-standing insect hotels are proving to be especially popular, both with the young people who enjoy the chance to be really creative with the designs and with those who receive them.  And on a smaller scale, we’ve even had a young person knock up a ‘tidy’ for our workshop glue sticks and wood glue out of wood off-cuts and old flowerpots.
We’re continually gaining new people to help our cause with donations of twigs, odd bits of wood, pine cones, wine corks, bamboo, logs, flower pots and tools, etc which is further enhancing the sense of community within what we’re doing. 
With this in mind, if any of your members can help us with donations of any of these (especially pine cones, odd bits of wood and corks) then we’d be most grateful.
I’ve attached some photos of work that’s finished and of work in progress to prove the point that we don’t just sit around drinking tea 🙂 

[And nor do we!!!]


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