Youth Justice Follow Through on Tools

Ed has provided his shopping list for his second YJ Shed which will be at a place in Scarborough where there is already a bench and vice. So no Work Mate needed!
Go to the bottom of this post to see what to do if you want to help.

It’s good news that the word is getting round our Sheds and Lance is visiting each one to see what good quality surplus-to-need items there are already at the Sheds. A drill compatible with model Ed already has, has been provided. The response is very encouraging Lance would say.

Here is the correspondence.

Dear Lance and Graham,

As promised here is what we’re trying to get for the “permanent” pop-up Shed:

  • 16oz Claw hammer 
  • Tenon saw
  • Wood saw

    Ed needs a range of tools but not like this!

  • Hacksaw (and spare blades)
  • Rubber mallet
  • Selection of wood chisels
  • Flat wood drill bits (a 32mm one especially)
  • Selection of metal & wood drill bits
  • Mitre block
  • Battery drill and spare battery
  • Fold up work bench
  • Tool boxes
  • Rasp set
  • Metal files
  • Manual action Pop Rivet gun and pop rivets
  • Set square
  • Tape measure
  • Carpenters pencils and sharpener
  • Screwdriver set
  • Dustpan and brush
  • Cotton Dust sheets
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood screws, nails
Any assistance your members can provide, gratefully received.

From: Graham S 
Sent: 06 June 2019 17:31
To: Ed Horwood <>; Lance Garrad <>
Subject: RE: Tools needed, etc

Thanks Ed.

We will provide all. Simple.

Graham & Lance

To: Graham S;
Subject: RE: Tools needed, etc
Good morning Graham & Lance
That’s extremely generous – and once again I’m very grateful for the continued support, encouragement, and friendship from the Sheds.  Without the assistance and inspiration that the Sheds provided last year, our Pop-up workshop would not even exist.  Your new offer of assistance will make a huge difference in terms of moving things forward for our young people.
I haven’t got the battery drill with me (it’s in the boot of my car), so I’ll get back to you on Monday with full details.  It came from B&Q.  It would make complete sense to get an identical one so that we have consistency regarding chargers, batteries etc.
As soon as the opportunity presents, a young person will be making something to donate to one of the Sheds as a small token of our appreciation.
Ed Horwood, Reparation & Volunteer Development Officer (East)
Castle House, 10-14 Elders Street, Scarborough, YO11 1DZ

What you can do to help.

  • Look at the Shopping List Ed has provided.
  • Note that no mains power tools are permitted under YJ H&S rules. Thus the cordless drill.
  • The items do not need to be new BUT they should be in good condition for safe use.
  • Contact your Shed leaders with offers and they will coordinate offers for Lance to make final decisions.
  • We would like to satisfy Ed’s needs in the next fortnight!!

If all else fails, email Lance or Graham 🙂

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