Why/How does someone become lonely?

On October 16th the Government brought out the full text of a report about Loneliness. You can read in the link below. If nothing else, just skim the pages for 5 minutes and see that we and others have been working on actively for a long while (and working with others to do it) is enshrined in the new published strategy. 

You can access the report here .It has a cartoon that illustrates how vulnerable we ALL might be to loneliness at some stage  under the title “loneliness doesn’t discriminate” which is a quote from the late Jo Cox MP. 

You’ll see the common causes of loneliness that we highlight there (and that many non-Shed groups also quote). 


If you are a Shedder or a carer to a Shedder then you are part of making a difference to others as well as yourself.  Maybe say ‘thank you’ into the mirror tomorrow morning!

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