Whitby Women’s Shed (The She Shed)

Whitby Women’s Shed came about because women came to SAMS Men’s Shed in Littlebeck. Some came for the experience but two came because of “hidden” needs, hidden from us and to a good degree from them too. Coming to SAMS  impacted them positively and arguably changed them. It did them and SAMS good.

Recently SAMS and the She Shed collaborated to produce an account of how a Women’s Shed in Whitby happened. It was by no means linear. There were twists and turns on the way. 

Read the account for yourself here She Shedding in Whitby


This web-site is a new one, but drawing where possible on some of the 


previous She Shed material, including photographs. Look on the She Shed Gallery page parallel to this page.

What is the difference between a Men’s Shed and a Women’s Shed?

  • They both have precisely the same objectives in our terms. These are presented on the reverse of the postcards for each Shed. This is the Whitby Women’s Shed one.

  • They are community Sheds. Sheds are workshops with a wide mix of equipment, tools and artifacts for everything from wood turning to craft activities. Creativity is a thread through what happens, as is learning new skills and passing them on to others. 
  • The banter and bonding is in common.
  • The outcomes are the same too, as feelings of “lostness” subside with concentration on the tasks in hand and  with realisation that others suffer isolation too, from a variety of different reasons (see the postcard).
  • In fact, the mainly Men’s Shed has some women too and the mainly Women’s Shed has some men. They welcome carers too.

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