Whitby Sheds this week

There were a few interesting twists.

First, they were two production days, on the go. Jobs being finished (the bird table and more of the pub chairs). Jobs started (a chair to be refurbished and corded as original). New designs (Ray’s wife’s dolls house to-be and Tony’s imaginative design for a Christmas display). New skills gained (particularly Mike turning his hand to wood turning). New visitors.

Rarely do we get visitors to Whitby visiting us at the Shed but we invited in two unsuspecting people who were staying at Bagdale Lodge. In fact they came back later with some cakes for us! One was a gent from Montreal. Conversations in the Shed went quite deep as the purpose of Sheds was unveiled and Shedders spoke about their experiences. A wonderful addition to the day, along with classic British cars driven from Holland.

Robert paints the refurbished bird table for Sleights Surgery

Graham decided to tackle a chair refurb

Ray back at school marking up part of a doll’s house

Two Netherlanders in a classic car (one of 5 outside our Shed)

Graham churned out laminated posters for BayThorpe Open Day on 28th

Betty painting model presents for a new Shed inspired piece for St. Mary’s at Christmas

Maev sleeping on the job!

Elaine painting triangular presents!!

Santa’s workshop?

Shedder Mike introduced to the lathe by Lance.

Bearing gifts from Botham’s!



Visitor showcase

BayThorpe Shed applying the finishing touches to the main fit-out for the Shed. Ready for the Open Day on 28th (next Saturday!). The Shed is now open and two locals wandered in . . . .

Turning then to the pull out enclosure for Scout Leaders on overnights and to installation of new LED lighting and then power circuits for more outlets where needed.

The locals were a man and a woman. Followers it seems since the original announcement in April.

Here’s some photos from Elaine, keeping us a bit in the dark!

The lathe cover, on wheels

The inner space. Storage. Presently just the chisels. 








Donations. Tea towels and a microwave.



Looks like the Shedders are on the night shift












Malcolm is through his fence making (for she who must . . . .) and a hot cruise.

Look at this tour of a micro-shed that Malcolm has surfed for him and us!

8×6 Tiny Workshop Tour – Much requested walk around of my 48 square feet of woodshop hacks

And new skills at Staithes . . . .

Shedder Martin, the force behind reinstating the “boundary” wall

Shedder Tom (the Wood Man) shows his block laying sk

Where there’s muck there’s Tom

Martin cleans up t

Trowelling it on

The bricky duo

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