Whitby District Sheds on the Go (stopping for a BBQ though)

BayThorpe Shed welcomed other Shedders to a Summer BBQ get together

Giant dominoes made for a local school

BayThorpe is an incredibly tidy Shed!

CNC machine made largely with a wood structure. Lance had his hand in this.

What’s in this cupboard? A full size lathe! Sheer ingenuity.

Under worktop unit on wheels. Same at Norton..

BBQ site at the Village Hall. Close to the shed.

What a fantastic event. Weather good and Shedders met others of their kind.

Simon slaving over sausages and burgers. Where is his hair net?

It was a great day out for Marie. Forgot her hat so wore Graham’s Peeky Blinder cap.

Whitby Town Shed involved with new initiatives and there’s some sparks

Table restored for Shed friend John

Bench Betty restored for her garden

Table restoring for Charity Shop


Bryn (rear) and Aiden with Sounds Creative equipment

Tony cutting bolts under the garden seat. Sparks flying.

If we told you who this is we’d have to kill you

Computer displaying virtual deck

Repurposing a folding table

As side board for the Café Car


Staithes Shed has French Cleats

See the idea on legs – Malcolm’s!

Here’s a link to Norton Men’s Shed. It’s a Portakabin with new awning!



It’s on the edge of Norton Ancients football pitch. The awning can extend about 2.5m  from the face of the cabin.





A new project launched by Whitby Town Shed and the Krampus People using the Eskmouth Scout Hall on a Wednesday morning. it’s The Doing Place.

It is a project idea funded by NYCC under a programme to tackle mental health. It’s Shed type therapy for non Shedders! All are creative distraction!

Having said that two Shedders already pictured above are behind Sounds Creative, a workshop for digital audio.  Aiden & Bryn have worked together for more than a year composing and manipulating sound tracks. It’s absorbing and many younger people are more familiar with it than woodwork!

Sounds Creative Poster.docx

The second new initiative is Let’s Mend It! Along the lines of the popular Repair Shop programme but encouraging people to join in doing it themselves.

Let's Mend It Poster

if you know of people who’d like to dabble in repairing to help others, please let Rob or Graham know.

What big teeth you have.

A quote from Little Red Riding Hood but re-enacted in the Eskmouth Hall by Decadent drawing, better known as the Krampus People.

Wire frames covered in paper.

Elaine doing some dentistry











The base camp of new Sounds Creative.

The Café Cart for The Doing Place venture. Ray posing. The unit is made of recycled materials and should be finished by early August.













Rocking & Rolling with Aiden & Bryn

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