Whitby Community’s Compassion project on the move

Progressing, but also on the move to a new web-site www.whitbycompassion.org.uk 

The article in Whitby Gazette last Thursday put a stake in the ground for the Compassion project. If you missed it, here it is below:


Don’t expect to see some great edifice rising because we are at the stage of make secure foundations.The Shed website has been a good way to have transparency and to recognise the role of the Sheds in getting to this stage but now the project needs to move to a different plane. Still a lot of scoping, planning, imagining to do to ensure that there can be variety not rigidity and it is time to assemble interest from “interested” parties. 

At this stage it is collaborative interest that is needed to share ownership of a project that will be down to the real people that must own it, volunteers. It is a challenge and there is no detailed plan just some principles that shaped the Frome Compassion Project (and some others) and are certainly embedded already in initiatives in Whitby District, including quite definitely our Sheds.


This is a life map on risk times for loneliness. Which have you hit? From a .gov national report on loneliness.

A few photos of renewed action at the Sheds

Staithes Shed has been helping a couple with grass cutting as a result of a request from Revival Yorkshire (Debbie Swales). It’s a long garden and on Monday Shedder Maggie was using a battery powered strimmer to cut in difficult corners. She really enjoyed it. Others got on with finishing gutters and trimming wood.

At the Sleights Shed Bob was making more “buffets”, little three legged display stands. 

Wednesday at Whitby! 

Bird boxes but Shedder Pete was at work renovating the first of 5 circular tables obtained from the Dolphin pub. Pete used wire wool and the top came up beautifully. He finished with Danish oil that really brought out the colours in the wood.










We got into mass production of components for the bird boxes. Tops, fronts, backs.

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