Whitby Area Sheds Get Together plus Goings On in Staithes

After the long absence of Sheds due to Covid-19 and the work of restarting, it was time for the Shedders from the 3 Sheds to meet in the flesh rather than on Zoom. It is uncanny the way rich relationships were forged online when several had never met   in the flesh.

Here are some photos from the day 

What a motley crew! But motley is exactly what a bunch f Shedders are!

Rob of Whitby.  Possibly the gesture means “I know nothing.”

Malcolm of Staithes Shed with a stare. Steven Angus (now of Abbey Taxis) trying to figure Malcolm out! 

Maggie does her usual sterling work.

Graham was presented with a wire sculpture hidden under a cloth. Having watched numerous editions of Sewing Bee he knew how to unveil it!

It meant a lot to Colin to be able to attend this function having been Care Home bound since February 2020.

We enjoyed sausage rolls, savouries, cake and bread pudding (Marie’s recipe!). Thanks to Elaine for arrangements.

Here’s how we got Colin into Eskmouth Scout Hall. The equivalent of walking the plank!

Out of car into wheelchair

Ramps. Colin assisted by putting his hands to the wheels.











Staithes on Thursday. 

Let’s turn an Ogee Bowl. Phil under the eye of Keith as mentor.

We thank Keith Nellis for his time and patience!

The Shed had a good clean thanks to Martin and Phil (pictured on his knees).

And there was more Time Team clearing of the former bowling green next to the Shed. We uncovered more of the extent of concrete aprons surrounding the site.

Martin tackled one of the remaining brambles.

Brian used the tree saw to tackle some bushes.


The concrete apron is nearly 3m wide. It is on 3 sides of the plot.










A view across the back. Vastly different from the tangle of brambles when the work started a few weeks ago.











This is a plan of what we have uncovered including the base of the former bowls club pavilion.

Adjacent Plot




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