WHIMS and SHE SHED active

Very active and on the go both days. 

Another bird table being made by Shedder Norman for his good lady. She gave precise dimensions but we changed them (don’t tell her though). The first photo is not of a parrot but of Ray in a very attractive face mask. Pete wire woolled the last of the refurbished pub tables. He’ll be treating it next week. Look at Tony’s model Shed coming on. He was making a sleigh to go on a snowy slope to the side of the Shed.

Elaine was painting Christmas presents for the model Shed. Ali (one of the support workers) continued work she started three weeks ago restoring the seat of a chair and then weaving in material strips. It looks cracking. Maeve knitted for victory and generally took on Graham (!). There’s a Rudolph eye view of Lance over the rood top and Katy undercoated the chair she has worked on in previous weeks.

At BayThorpe the new LED lighting panels were connected up by the overseeing electrician, two more wall heaters were added and tomorrow the Shed carries on as usual. A second day is in the offing in November.

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