When can Outside move Inside?

Some Sheds in other places are opening based on the principle of a “shop” or a “community hall” (a place shared with others). Our Sheds have been doing some outside work and community “service” in what has been quite a dry spell.

But when can we be in Sheds like the old days?

Like the old days is not going to be so for months or years. Distancing is with us as a part of life. So is regular hand washing with soap and water. We are all practiced at distance dancing on pavements, although Whitby with its huge influx of visitors makes it difficult to achieve.

However, we must live in hopes and prepare. Our Sheds are working towards opening w/c Monday 17th August.

Here are some of the posters on the UK Men’s Shed Association website. .Get them printed, laminated and put up. With the sanitiser stations and the bacteria wipes to hand and face coverings. 

What is unique to each Shed is the layout and shape and dimensions of the space. Also ways in and out that keep people apart. Doing our best.

UKMSA has a “Design Your Own Shed” tool.  Graham and Bob did a first order layout in between sleeps! It is basically a 5.5m deep, 6m wide double garage with existing units around most of the perimeter. Recently installed is a gazebo (3m x 3m) in front of one roller door. There is a separate personal door in the side.that will be used as the entrance with the exit via the gazebo.

There’s a freestanding lathe, benchtop lathe, table saw and a couple of 1mx1m approx workbenches.

The numbers in circles are Shedders! There are some alternative positions for No.2 and No. 4 but essentially the magic number is 5 max working . Four even more comfortable.  We can have 3 “resting” in the gazebo.

The flow lines are superimposed in green on the next picture.





We shall be doing tidier drawings but for now these sketches to rival Leonardo Da Vinci,  perform the functional purpose of a brain dump!!




Some very good news as we reopen the Sheds or even if that becomes not possible!

We have been been fortunate to receive a donation from local The Normanby Charitable Trust of £3000. This is across all four Sheds and it will enable us to move forward with plans to install good communications between our Sheds and to the outside world! One aim is to quickly replicate what we have created in Staithes with TV monitor, camera and Amazon Firestick. We are looking at refurbishing a couple of laptops or acquiring tablets. 

This is a very important move and will familiarise some our Shedders with use of technologies that will be a part of normal future life! Video consultations will, for instance, be used by health professionals in new ways of working. 

We hope that our 3 Whitby GP Link Workers will use it (depending on patient and circumstance) to let people peep into a Shed without crossing the threshold! To give a taster of atmosphere.

Zoom sessions with Patrick Abrahams of Frome Men’s Shed this Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (11th & 13th August)

If you want to know more about these sessions on Frome’s Compassion Project, please contact Graham 07763 656627 or graham_storer@btinternet.com

Do, a man with art

Shedder Don who mixes like in Gildersome with life in Grosmont is a talented artist. One of his subjects has been motorcycle racing but he also does landscapes.

This is a prime example forwarded to the Sheds. Don’s focus shifts to the whole of Whitby West Side!!

BrianH & Graham were at Staithes Shed doing a cleaning job

The aim is to be ready to open by month end and possibly Thursday 19th August. 

You could eat your dinner off the floor though we would not recommend it.








Esk Valley Together Event. Shed  video. 




Shedder Rob in Whitby is a reader and thinker

It will be his downfall maybe, condemned to be a Shed misfit . . . .

Anyway, he came across this pie chart whilst reading a book on Happiness (by Ken Dodd??)

What has contributed to your state of mind? Half derives from parents and close relatives, 10% from outside circumstance that happen to us. So 60% is predetermined in one way or another outside our ability to strongly influence.

However., that leaves 40% that we have some control over. Our thoughts, actions and relationships.

Graham has written in 700 words some of his life story that you can read next month in UKMSA’s Shoulder to Shoulder newsletter. Shedder Bob read the draft and said he might do something similar. As a result of a Shed Closed conversation with Rob about “Frome”, Grahams obituary was sent to Rob. 

He responded with a comment that there were many similarities between some of Graham’s experiences and Rob’s own. “Why don’t we get Shedders to write a bit of their stories. What has the 100% or more importantly the 40% in our life done to make us the people we are now? Get writing lads and lasses!


Here is what BayThorpe Sheds has been up to outside. Making everything ship shape.















Here is Big Col in his hide out at the Larpool home for the elderly. He is planning a mass breakout soon!

Staithes Shedder Colin triumphs over difficulties and he has now mastered Zoom. He joined in with the Dalesmen at a practice session with each singer at their own home. 



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