Weird and Wonderful

Often the question of what goes on at the Shed has been asked over the years. It’s a difficult one to answer without reference to particular examples. There’s too much variety to describe things simply. 

On a Wednesday there are other things going on too. A main one is the workshop run by what we call the Krampus Krew. There might be some strange looking artefacts made but the actual doing of them is a bit weird and seems to involve sitting on the floor a lot and sometimes lying down!

See what you make of it!

It’s a long reach totem pole

Hands draw on the knees


They let their hair down

They really do get down to it

Karen (standing) is a Shedder scrutinising Krampus

Now why did I do that?


You may see Krampus as just a December parade with a difference. However what leads up to it is something akin to the Shed. It is very creative distraction that engrosses and connects people.

This is weirdly wonderful. What’s it all about? It is about a connection between Krampus and Whitby DAG. More will be revealed in due time by the Krampus Krew.

Getting nailed in Staithes

On Monday 5th June work progressed on the greenhouse construction. You can see Martyn  , Phill and Malcolm hard at work with Gizmo the spaniel totally transfixed by their work (actually she was fast asleep ) …The base is now ready for feather-board cladding and the top structure will start to go on week commencing 12th June ….the team have been surprised at how solid and sturdy the base has worked out in the construction phase. You can see the delight on chief architects face ( Malcolm on the right ) 

Phill seems to be looking for a signal from Malcolm to execute Martyn’s finger. Martyn ain’t happy. Jim is there to record the happy scene. Others hid in the Shed.

In the picture you would think it showed Phill in the middle cutting a plank of wood …..but no …..progress was so good that Phill offered Martyn a nail manicure, here you can see Phill tidying up Martyn’s  thumb nail and a tidy for  job he made …who would have thought a wood saw was so versatile …..( please don’t try this at home Phill is a highly trained manicurist) ……next week he will be offering acupuncture with 6 inch nails …can’t wait ….look out for next weeks instalment ….

Whitby Town Shed’s Roving Reporter reaches Sleights

Rob Visits…The Sleights Repair Café event 

Sleights village has a lot to offer.  Radford’s Butchers, Botham’s Bakery, Eskdale Fish & Chips and now…

The Sleights Repair Café.

Located at the Village Hall this exciting new venture commenced on Saturday the 10th of June.

Rob went along to have a look [in rhyming Cockney slang, a Radford’s Butcher’s hook].

On arrival Rob was greeted by the facilitator and informed that he had just missed the successful repair of a frying pan!

On inspection it was agreed that it was indeed ‘well mended’.

Tables were arranged around the perimeter of the hall, each with a repairer in place.

There was an electronics/ electrical man, a lady with a sewing machine offering clothing repairs and a ‘knitter’ surrounded by wool.

General repairman Dave passed by on completing a lamp repair. He was on his way over to the electronics man to have it PAT tested.

Tea and cake was available and repairs are free of charge although any donations are greatly appreciated.

There appeared to be a constant stream of new arrivals and smiling contented leavers clutching their newly mended possessions.

The theme is very focused on saving the planet and creating less waste. It is hoped that this event will take place quarterly.

Well done to all involved.


We really appreciate the reports you’ve written, Rob, possibly half a dozen places now. Thanks also to Jim for his regular Staithes reports. 

CNC Router by Steve Marsh which Whitby and Norton are contemplating as a challenge too.

Works in 3 dimensions to engrave and carve according to instructions. Fabulous. Behind every good man is an even better woman although in this case Lance provided consultancy. 

This is at the Wonderful end rather than the Weird.

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