Wednesday’s Child

“Wednesday’s child is full of woe” according to the old rhyme. Not the girls (and some boys) at the She Shed. They were up to new things again, including putting a shine on things.  In the afternoon it was off to Staithes to view the Shed-to-be premises and to begin drawing up a schedule of preparatory work that locals can  help with or just come along to observe and have a cuppa.

This is Dennis. He goes to SAMS twice a week from Esk Hall. Could not resist taking his delightful smile this morning at the breakfast table!!

Maeve decided she’d like to have a go on the lathe under the instruction of Lance. You can see the end result in Maeve’s hand in the photos below. Lance also gave a toolbox talk on the table saw which Betty tried to photo bomb:-)

Brian used the “push stick” to protect his fingers as a piece went through the saw. Marie was doing an embroidered colour circle and Linda got to work on Aladdin’s lamp with  Brasso. See the shine below. We have been offered the opportunity to clean up items from Frank Doyle’s Bazaar on Skinner Street. Maeve also showed her bags of chocolate eggs.

The photo below was taken by Graham standing on steps in order to put up more trunking.

Off to Staithes below, with inside shots of area in the outbuilding at Staithes to be used for Sheds.

The outbuilding is in two halves. The back is substantially clear and this is where our larger equipment will go. The front we will share with the Garden Club and there are some adjustments to be made. This includes inserting a door in the dividing internal wall.

On the way back from Staithes, Shedder Graham went in to explore offers of the week in LIDL’s. He grabbed large floor mats that are ideal under foot.

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