Web-site Breather

Apologies for the break in correspondence, but the internet did not reach a field in Garstang, Preston. Nevertheless, the Sheds took no breather and nor did publicity involving our Sheds in the control of others. The Sheds are quite a catalyst for add on activities and there are irons in the fire on a couple of things working with others.

First some photos and then the publicity in the UK Men’s Shed August Newsletter.

The foot of an over zealous Shedder in Staithes

The owner of the foot, Tom

Something serious going on

First step in exercise step

Karen bottoming her planter


Rose Queen Festival, Littlebeck

New Whitby Shedder Robin (a small boat builder)

Geoff playing his harmonica. We’ve got talent!

A family of C2C walkers (some of many that day)













UKMSA Newsletter August 2018



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