We are family, we are one

There’s a strong whiff of community – local and street – at the present. VE Day 75 years was not the celebration style that I imagine was planned nationally or locally.

Instead it was literally, home grown and home spun. To cap it all, the Queen’s address to the nation seemed to me spot on. Full of feeling and meaning. Streets not empty of love. 

I’ve met quite a number of neighbours whilst clapping and yesterday it was time for distant bunting!

We shall overcome – you, me and those in our circles of old and indeed new community. Most people’s hope appears to be that this spirit should continue. We did it and it is up to us to continue it!

I’m pleased that in the main we have found ways to stay connected as Shedders and actually to make some new connections. We seem to miss each others company. The sense of relaxed relationships that have brought many of us out of the cold. I remember writing in the Gazette an article that said I loved the Shedders. I’m glad the Queen used that word love too. Genuine, honest, non exploiting love. 

The national lockdown was sudden. Simply flipping the switch won’t reverse the situation. It will be a quite complex process. In many things, economics has dictated what is done as part of change. In this case it is a virus and the fear of it (realised or not) that is dictating steps. Personal risk assessments. 

However we can dream a bit of times to come and be grateful for those doing jobs and roles to protect the vulnerable which includes some of us Shedders. I’m mindful of council led, community supported services on the front line but also holding what is done together through voluntary and semi-voluntary support. I’m mindful of privately elder care for those who are vulnerable and in Care Home settings, Care at Home  settings and the provision by families themselves. 

Care and Nursing Homes are not an easy challenge in normal times. Love of fellow humans is a prerequisite of care staff and management if abuse is to be prevented in trying times. We are in very trying times for residents – some are Shedders – where lockdown measures of one sort or another can be very restrictive of free movement. The TV is full of Covid news and that can take its toll on some. The staff at care homes are doing a magnificent job. In many ways it is no different to normal. But now it is against the backdrop of an invisible enemy that cannot be seen approaching. Care staff in the main do not live-in and it can be 24/7 fear of infection travelling in either or both directions. They still smile (just as the NHS staff do). Clap for all.

SAMS at Littlebeck made the decision two days ago (reported in the preceding blog) to provide a tangible expression of our love to the cared for and the carers at Esk Hall Care Home in Sleights. We’ve known them since the early days of the Littlebeck Shed and we have worked together to give suitable residents a feeling of being part of something outside the Home. A bit of cared for independence!! 

So we negotiated with  the care home manager at Esk Hall, Jo, and a Bingo set was decided on. That should arrive on Monday as a token of our appreciation to all and in some ways particularly to be an encouragement to the staff. Care Home and Home Care staff, YOU are appreciated by the Sheds and we are sure, many in the wider community too.


Now to a press item in the Gazette this week (and probably Scarborough News too). The press release was prepared by the People’s Health Trust who funded the start up of the Staithes Area Sheds. 

Photos are pre-coronavirus (not the Zoom ones) so social distancing was not in place! 

We continue to be fed with news of our colleagues in Oz and particularly the Gold Coast. This is a speech by the Governor General. 

The context is the bush fires and loss of life and property – some communities devastated. This followed by Covid-19 which has been successfully contained to around 100 people so far. They are in lockdown like us. Following the bushfires there was extensive flooding too in some places, I recall. 

There is a Sheds mention towards the end and the last statement is one that rings with me. “Look after yourself, your family and your neighbour, and we’ll get through it”. 

Looking after includes many things and many responsibilities to one another.

Good morning all,
The attached link below is an interview with the Governor General David Hurley and Men’s Sheds get a good mention.

Now for a recipe from Shedder Malcolm for Graham, but it is shared for all here.

Graham has discovered the delights of mackerel fillets on toast. Maybe he’s pregnant? Malcolm responded.

  • Mackerel fillets. Have a go at Mackerel fishcakes. Low carb recipe, tasty
  • 75g Sweet potato, baked or microwaved., makes 8 small or 4 large.
  • 2x120g tins Mackerel
  • 3 spring onions very finely chopped
  • 15g Parsley or Dill finely chopped
  • 1 Egg
  • finely grated zest 1 lemon
  • Seasoning, olive oil for frying.
  • Mash potato, mash in drained Mackerel, add rest of ingredients.
  • We add a little bit of chilli to spice it up a bit.

Problems with reopening

We’ve been asked to provide a question on our main concern about reopening, as a potential panel question for next Wednesday’s Shed Happens Show on Radio Frome 96.6fm.

This is a suggestion from “Mother of the Sheds” Elaine.  It’s about mindset and whether men will follow the rules. There was a newspaper piece yesterday reporting research that men take more chances than women when it comes to following the rules. However her concern is a good one from which to frame a question. 

“My main concern would be that, when Shedders get back in, they’d become so absorbed with what they’re doing that the rules would be forgotten.
It’s one thing having done the same thing at home for a couple of months, but another getting stuck into a project!”  Elaine

Roger has provided this “entertaining” piece.

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