Volunteers’ Week

This week has been UK’s week to be grateful for volunteers. In these Covid times we have seen many at work. Volunteers are a much underestimated resource in our communities and one that does much to maintain the Nation’s and Whitby’s wellbeing.


What about Sheds?  We are sometimes asked in questionnaires and applications for funding to say how many members/beneficiaries there are and how many paid staff and volunteers to run the Sheds. 

Of course, there are no paid staff. 

What about members and volunteers? The wonderfully weird thing about Sheds is that the current members are the volunteers! I can honestly say that even Shedders who are not physically or mentally active and volunteers also. Two domino playing Shedders are volunteering to help each other have fun.

“Who runs the Shed?” is a rather difficult question to answer.  Sheds are not a school class with teacher. Not a business with bosses and workers. They are family led by the Shedders. Yes, there are three or four who “worry” a bit more than others but we run a remarkably flat organisation. We hiope that continues as we come back to life post-lockdown


Royalty taps the keys.

Here is the link to one of the several news streams on this.


Graham is a secret admirer of William. He is trapped in many ways in his role and expectations of him. He understands a lot about what many of us have and do struggle with – maintaining mental wellbeing.

I’d love him to come to Whitby to one of our Sheds. Incognito. I suspect we would get on well with him and the banter. So Thumbs Up for Prince William using time now wisely working in support of something that is a great leveller (affecting so many) before ultimately he assumes the Throne. 

Staithes Malcolm shares a tip on growing Garlic Blue Peter style

Afternoon All,

Thought you and yours may be interested in the following which gives the growing of Garlic a head start.


Trồng tỏi – phương pháp mới mà người làm vườn lỡ quên | Planting garlic – new method of gardeners


Zoom Meeting Sunday Afternoon at 3pm

Two Shedders had excuses for not being able to join at 3pm. Lance Zoomed in at about 12.45 from Southend where the weather was a lot better than Whitby and then Malcolm flew in from Loftus. My Norton son, Kevin, also joined and Malcolm and he shared stories. Malcolm used to live in Billingham. 

Thought we ought to capture the moment in case the meeting in an hours time doesn’t work:-)

(Think someone must have upset Graham.)

(Graham’s no happier and Roger’s away with the fairies. Paula is Paula)

Also had a Zoom separately with Anne Surtees of South Shields Shed. Worthwhile!

Paula has been making scrubs, There may be a technical term for someone who does that. Here is a photo of two very happy nurses.

More stylish examples of Paula’s work. Materials all donated.



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