Visit to Staithes

Graham & Co went to Staithes for a wander with a purpose. The purpose was to meet one of the people, Vicky, who had attended the recent Staithes open meeting. She runs the Seadrift Cafe on the front. 

Vicky had been very enthusiastic about the possibility of Sheds in Staithes. She took away a poster with some Whitby cards  and promised to display the poster in the cafe. There is photographic evidence of the poster on display. Vicky has been chatting with anyone who shows interest. Graham then noticed that there was another copy of the poster in the village noticeboard.

Below is the shed at the Athletic and Social Club that is to be used for the Staithes’ Sheds. Exterior and interior shots:-). Old Jack’s boat was not in the harbour, though.

We will hear about People’s Health Trust funding by February 28th. It’s been a 3 month process. To reassure, we are determined that the Sheds will happen one way or another! 

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