UKMSA Shed of the Year

We have been busy the last few days with the quill pen. We were reminded (to be honest it had passed us by!) that the UK Men’s Shed Association had published a call for nominations for Sheds of the Year. The problem was that the closing date was Sunday 18th midnight.

To do or not to do, that was the question. We did:-)

We chose the two most relevant categories of Shed Partnership  of the Year  and Shed Volunteer of the Year.

Why have we bothered given just 4 days to write something in a very hectic schedule at present for us all in the Sheds? Well, we might get an accolade but with the many Sheds there are in the UK the odds are not high to win either category.

The answer is that in preparing a nomination we have to evaluate ourselves fairly honestly. In doing so we learn and we start to appreciate the journey of the last 3.5 years. The Volunteer category was an interesting choice of victim. Roger suggested several names and the idea of Keith Nellis grew on us. Someone who has been a quiet stalwart at Littlebeck for 3 solid years. 

So we hope that old hands will be reminded of our story (and the partnerships we do not always recognise we have) and newbies will be inducted into what they have joined and what they can contribute to. These accounts are informative to our supporters and funders too.

Our nomination for Shed Partnership of the Year

Shed Partnership of the Year.docx

Our nomination for Shed Volunteer of the Year

Shed Volunteer of the Year.docx

The Awards will be formally announced at the UKMSA ShedFest 2019 in Worcester at the beginning of September.

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