Transformation – Hoovering the Lawn, Cleaning the Carpet and a Sermon on Wood

The big shock was looking for Maggie’s daughter and finding her vacuum cleaning. Not indoors on the floor but out in the garden on an area of artificial lawn.

Lisa discovered that the vac magically collected dog hairs on and in
the grass, leaving a bright green swathe to play snooker on! Note the exercise machine in the background. Is it for Lisa or James? Maybe Maggie?!


Next day it was Shedder Roger cleaning a conservatory carpet after building work.


Impressive dust clouds resembling a car exhaust before the shampoo got to work and removal of the dust of ages transformed the carpet into  something closer to its original lighter colour.


Finally, a sermon on transformation by Graham’s son Kevin at an Anglican Church in Preston-on-Tees, He’s a maths teacher not a vicar but  he felt very privileged to speak on a morning when 4 young people were baptised by full immersion in a specially erected tank of water between the choir stalls.

Kevin spoke about trees, wood and the transformation of a chunk of Norwegian Maple given to him by another member of his school’s staff and which he turned (transformed!) into a delightful bowl on the old Littlebeck lathe.

You can listen to his talk here and look at his slides How to live a transformed life 


To cap that, Karen came to the Staithes Shed and transformed our table centre island by clearing off “our” stuff and putting into a cupboard where we now can’t find anything:-)#

A merry band of Shedders there today and we did more on our car ready for final spraying.

We have made one of the four “mock” wheels which will be attached in front of the legs.

We have wheels being made that will be mounted in front of the legs.


A very aerodynamic appearance. A red bumper too.

Finally in the afternoon Tony from the Whitby Shed and Graham went to the pub.

In fact the Dolphin just across the Whitby Swing Bridge. The pub is replacing its hardwood external tables and chairs and our Sheds are taking the old ones. They need a little tlc but there is no rot – only loose joints to be fixed. Tony is a near neighbour of the Dolphin and seized the opportunity.

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