Totally Socially EOP & Two Shilson Shed Reflections

Today was the concluding event of Totally Socially as a funded project set up to help community groups to create activities for themselves. For 3 years Totally Socially has worked in Scarborough, Ryedale and Whitby. 

For us in Whitby, Totally Socially is synonymous with Charlotte Angus, a great stalwart supporting the Sheds too. But above all, Charlotte supported people and that included several of us including Elaine and Graham. Working with someone like Charlotte is enthusing, reviving and simply good fun! 

Today was a celebration and this blog will expand over the next day or two to include some excellent materials including a couple of video and the end of project report compiled by consultant Charlotte Page. She too is of catalyst stock!

Totally Socially has been a team building activity and it was encouraging to see the way projects AND people involved in launching new community actions designed to help people take greater control of their lives. Do with, not to, is Totally Socially’s moto.

This a link to Totally Socially. Take a look at the action.

For now here are just a few photos 

Charlotte Pace chairing a panel meeting with (facing away) Elaine Edmonds of Whitby Krampus complete with rams’ horns

David Stone of CaVCA had managed Totally Socially throughout and here donned a very flash jacket to introduce an Awards Ceremony. with a dozen or more categories.













There was a goodly number enjoying the event and the following lunch!

Graham shared with Debbie of Whitby Parent’s Together the award for Carrying on Regardless (referring we think to overcoming obstacles when they a














Here is a short video that is an account of beneficiaries of Totally Socially 

And another following Totally Socially events over the past 3 years 

Rob Shilson – a relative newcomer who is now part of the Whitby furniture on both days – has just provided these two reflections that he forgot to forward over the half term:-)

These are just thoughts but having anybody reflect on what the Shed is and/or could be is very, very welcome. Look back to find two earlier “essays” from Rob. So encouraging.

Outside Looking In

I note that Graham now describes me as a ‘grass roots observer’. I would like it known that I am quite happy with that title and have been called much worse!

My recent observations have usually covered the goings on in the shed and the attendees who partake. This time it’s a bit different as I am outside looking in.

It is Tuesday, 9.45am and I commence my journey from West Cliff down through Pannet Park to to the Eskmouth Scout Hall. As I battle through freezing wind I am reminded that there are others who also make this pilgrimage. Some are on their way to the Whitby Shed and others, perhaps on different days, are attending Littlebeck, Staithes and BayThorpe.

These other Sheds whilst having a similar direction are unknown to me and exist in an almost parallel universe. Could a shed connection prove useful and productive?

The analogy that comes to mind is train of shed carriages all linked together and pushing and pulling each other. Not very good I know but my previous analogy was an octopus with a shed on each tentacle……you get the idea.

I realise that there is Sheds interaction and long before my time in April 2018 a get together day was organised. Was this successful?

I know we all like our own community Sheds and all know each other, but perhaps a step into the unknown might be worth (another) punt?

I have also been thinking about a virtual notice board which could extend across all the sheds and yet again enhance the community. I have recently required assistance with a ‘heavy’ project, have needed some local information regarding tradespersons and have an idea for a possible project. The noticeboard example below illustrates the concept:

(1) Three shedders required for about two hours work at Saltwick Bay to assist with replacing a (heavy) door and window on a static caravan. Free tea and biscuits!

(2) Car air con re-gas needed, any recommendations in Whitby or nearby?

(3) I am at the thinking stage of developing a ‘Whitby’ board game, any interest or ideas welcome.

(4) Eye test time! Any recommendations for a good local optician?

(5) I hope to be doing the North Coast 500 (or part of it) in Summer, any tips?

All the above examples are all genuine requests but (1) is now thankfully completed.


Shed ‘Therapy’ Works  QED

It is not often that I am compelled to use Latin but today’s quite ordinary yet very positive Shed session illustrates a very unique and remarkable experience.

I had been feeling a little low over the past day or so. A recent family tragedy had completely taken over my thoughts. I could not lift this ‘black cloud’ of gloom.

My walk from West Cliff was therefore somewhat melancholic and with no particular project in mind it was destined to be a ‘well, let’s see what happens’  kind of day.

On arrival at The Shed I was informed that a meeting was taking place in the adjacent hall. 

A requirement therefore to keep the noise level to a minimum spontaneously encouraged a group chat, a first for me. Graham commenced this get together by sharing some very positive Sheds news which led to further discussion on future projects and possible new directions. It went well and we concluded with a mutual feeling of contentment and valued contribution.

The finally installed gates declared open by Betty. No champagne though.

Already feeling a lot better it was now time for us to go and collect some materials required for the new gate installation. During this trip discussion continued and new thoughts and ideas were bounced around.

By the time we returned to the Shed it was too late to start cementing! This will now be done tomorrow weather permitting.

So unusually for me, no hammering or drilling today, nothing constructed, installed or repaired.

What then was achieved? A most satisfying feeling of a group working together, new ideas being generated and the committed motivation to progress them

I left today feeling quite uplifted, bright and with a sense of well being following a very positive experience.

Q.E.D. (definition) : thus it has been demonstrated  



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