Toilet Humour and Next SAMS Project?

In a small town called Tambo in Queensland we stopped for coffee and eats at a delightful little cafe. Graham noticed a pile of toilet rolls in a box and explored. They were free gifts from Tambo businesses (forgive the pun) to tourists for stopping and spending in their town.

Given the shortage of dunnies (err toilets) in Whitby for tourists maybe this idea could be copied at entry points off the moors. (I have to say that Sleights toilets look excellent – I’ve not yet used them). I have three emergency toilet rolls for the three Shed locations.


Then Graham came across the next project for SAMS. A restoration job. Just working out the cost of shipping:-). It’s at Longreach in the Outback.

PS Graham’s vehicle  hit/was hit by a kangaroo that hopped (they do) from the scrub alongside the road. Glad he took collision waiver to a max liability of $A250. The damage exceeds that but no harm done to us and the vehicle is fully driveable. (PS to clarify that this photo is not the vehicle Graham was driving).

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