Togetherness is a feature of Sheds. Between Shedders in a particular Shed but also in a connected way with the local community and with other organisations helping the wider community (our society).

The Whitby District Sheds grew from a single Shed that could hardly have been more isolated in location. A bit challenging to get to but so worth the effort because of the mixed bag of people who became Shedders. We were reminded of this in Whitby this week when Michael with Jill appeared in our midst. 

You pretty much know the rest of the story as some more local Sheds were established based on the experience of the first venture.

As most will know, there is a sister Shed (should that be brother?) in Norton-on-Tees that was established little more than a year ago. In fact until July 2022 it was essentially homeless! Thanks to the heritage it had from the Whitby Coast Sheds it has prospered and that is in no small part because of the support. encouragement and “pressure of need” from one Social Prescribing Link Worker in Norton.

Also included in the application was mention of Ed Horwood and his Pop Up Shed that is a unique part of the fabric of the Youth Justice programme in North Yorkshire. The experience of SAMS 4 years or so was a lesson in how to help and work with others out of the box! Ed arrived as a result of a recommendation from Steve Angus, husband of the redoubtable Charlotte Angus who early Shedders will know well. It’s amazing how little things can be very powerful indeed.

Norton Shed development involved others too, of course, and you can read something of that in the account of the dry stone wall in the link below.

HOWEVER, the link to Norton Men’s Shed site is about the fact that the Shed has been shortlisted in the UKMSA Shed Awards 2023 in the Shed Partnership of the Year category. It means a trip to Westminster.

Here is the link.

Now to add some more illustrations of Togetherness starting with an event in Whitby soon happening.

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