Thinking about Sheds Reopening?

Indeed we can think about it but also we must to ensure we are Covid Safe when we do. What do we need to put in place?

UKMSA has been doing some thinking and has provided some helpful Guidelines for us to consider in our contexts. Here is a link to them. 

One thing is for certain, it was easier to lock down than open up! But we can do it with a spark of enthusiasm.

COVID-19 Guidance for unlocking Sheds


Here is a realistic picture aimed at children and young people but just as applicable to Shedders and the wider community. 

Success above the waterline comes with an awful lot of the hidden stuff below the the waterline. I can honestly say that I’ve seen many of you Shedders achieve real progress, real personal development, real change of mindset and real success but I know (myself) that success is built on (and despite) disappointments and seeming failures. Failures are never failures if we learn from them.

You guys are amazing and I hope that soon we will be back together again. Have some thoughts for little celebrations:-)

On the subject of education . . .

What do teachers and head teachers do in times of lockdown? The evidence is here for you to see at Sleights Primary School.

They paint fences for the kids to see!!!!

This inspired Graham. Brilliant to welcome the youngsters to their school. There is another fence that the SAMS Shedders will paont with white Hammerite. 

The staff are planning for the future with some very interesting ideas. Please salute our schools.

We are in contact with you from Staithes Shed

Today Signa attended the Shed to install a very neat gadget to give us some quite high speed broadband via a small aerial receiver for wireless reception from a mast above Boulby. It will allow us to keep in contact with Shedders, our Sheds and Sheds elsewhere. We will be able to Zoom and browse to our hearts content. 

This opens up many opportunities for shut-in Shedders to see the Shed once we have a camera. We already have a second hand flat screen to use as a monitor.

Paul was a very informed installer who had actually researched Sheds the night before to find out what we are all up to.

This kind of very affordable technology is supporting many activities in our rural communities. Next step is to install in Littlebeck where reception was tested earlier in the morning.

Let’s see what’s coming down the line. From UKMSA’s Kate Gordon


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