They’re My Boys!!!

A warm glow goes through Shedders when they see their mates begin to blossom. The ones standing next to them but also the ones more remote they know. We had a mate from Oz with us recently and he and his wife are now in Cumbria.

But here are three photos of boys I’m proud of.

The first is grandson David who walked past a skip outside a Stockton church and saw a shiny sheet of metal. So did his grandfather. We both explored the item (despite grandma telling them to leave the skip alone) and discovered it was the reverse side of a First Aid sign. It came with us as a contribution to Staithes Shed:-)

Wish David looked happier about his find, but he was looking at grandpa!!!! Well done David for being a Womble!!

Next two are of Shedder Brian who worked with Shedder Graham at Staithes putting up our first wall-mounted heater and putting down the LIDL mats to flatten them. Whether or not we are more proud of Brian than Linda is, must remain an open question. But Brian is doing some good stuff in promoting the Shed’s needs in the realms of Facebook local. He has secured two internal doors which we can use as part of a wood store we hope. That’s my boy Brian:-)

Then there’s Shedder (to be) Tim Bradley who spoke at the SH(ar)ED Experience event. Many people were very touched by what Tim said and his dream of a Garage Shed. Some apparently were genuinely very close to tears. Graham has the same effect on people but for other reasons. Read Tim’s Press Release of this week. He is (another) very inspirational boy in our toolbox of Shedders.

Press Release Wrecks to Racers

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