The Waiting Game of Being at a Loss

All Sheds will know the wellbeing benefit Sheds can bring. 

It’s individual, of course, and being a bit of a family of different members helps the group.

Every picture tells a story . . .

Whitby Town Shed has one definite and one “in discussion” Micro Grant from NHS aimed at those at a bit of a loss from waiting for treatments or needing some 1:1 support. 

This is possibly the first time that NHS secondary care has reached out to the voluntary sector (VCSE) in an extensive way. In Teesside and NE t

Here is the piece just written for Norton Shed but for all Whitby Sheds to see.  We have received one in Norton through the Waiting Well scheme already before we knew about it and it has gone very well. We used to call it back engineering!

Rob knows quite a bit and ElaineM too. 


Went to a secret nuclear bunker yesterday, but cannot tell you where . . . .

3 levels (possibly more!); under an unassuming farmhouse style building; main walls 3m thick apparently; housing 300 in emergency; it would make a great hard to find Shed.

Some amusing newsreel footage of the preparations we (ne!) might take including soil filled sandbags and doors propped at angles plus 3 minute warnings. Help!!!

A nuclear bunker would be another waiting game of course!

Farmhouse, ground level left

One ops room








Dormitory for 40

BBC studio; hardly Today  standard








Another ops room

Radar room







It is on an RAF complex mind

A very personal piece from Jim at Staithes Shed
Just wanted to tell you about something that happened to me today that Staithes Shed should be extremely proud of .
Image result for Passing on goodnessTo progress Malcolm’s plan and design I went to a Builders’ Merchants to get 5 lengths of the 4×2 timber.
I got talking to the gent who was serving me and mentioned what the wood was for and what we do at the Shed and what we are about.
He was aware of the Shed organisation and went on to tell me about his own mental health struggles , which was very interesting. He explained that working at the Builders’ Merchants is his “safe place “…..
He acknowledged how important organisations are in supporting people who are struggling.
It was a really interesting and heartfelt discussion…..which I have to admit caught me off guard …it was a discussion I was not expecting….I could feel myself starting to well up.
I got my card out to pay and he said ….”no need to pay the wood and delivery ( for tomorrow) ….is all free of charge because of what the Sheds are about and what we do “…..
I was speechless, managed to say thank you so much through my tears (given my last few weeks) and made my way out.
I’ll be at Shed tomorrow……anyone fancy a bit of greenhouse work ..or bacon Butty 😀😀

Oh the joy of the unexpected 🙂   Above and below

Laurence Mitchell of Krampus is supervised (he needs it) by Ian Peck of Whitby DAG.

Every picture tells a story.  This one about boy racer Laurence.

The story is really about Doing Place partner Krampus choosing Whitby Disability Action Group (DAG) as their fundraising charity this year.  The mobility trike is to be decked out to be part of this years Krampus Run. 

It needs work to band e done on it, of course and Whitby Eskmouth Scouts have agreed to it being squeeze into storage for extracting on a Wednesday at the Doing Place to be worked on.

A really good piece of community collaboration reaching out ultimately into the community and to visitors too.



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