The Visit

We are talking about the High Sheriff of North Yorkshire’s visit with fellow Dragons. Plus Two Ridings Community Foundation.

First, some photos of what was going on at SAMS just before the visit.

It was a very stimulating meeting with the Dragons. You will see in the photo at the bottom that only one Dragon really annoyed us! Shedder Bob shares his personal feelings about the visit.

“Today’s visit reminded me of the enthusiasm that we had in the first year of our opening at Littlebeck. There was a room full of Shedders enjoying interacting with our visitors.

The interest and the interaction was amazing. The surprise shown by the the Dragons in our work with Shedders of all kinds was evident. The busyness in such a small room on so many different activities must have left the Dragons in no doubt about how their investment in us at the Dragon Den’s event last year has been used to reach out to people in the community with needs.

At the end we came together to walk through the strides that the Shed have taken over these past three years and to share the diversifica tion there has been towards work with children and young people, a work that has just been launched in conjunction with Scouts and Schools. There are other needs prompted opportunities too. Diversification in applying Sheds in other areas of concern.

A very stimulating and enjoyable time for both Dragons and Shedders.


A Dragon who will not annoy us again! (No Dragon was harmed in the recording of this incident)

We’ve had a note from Spephanie of Two Ridings Community Foundation who adminstered Dragons’ Den.

Graham, Roger, Bob and all the Shedders,

Thank you all so much for hosting us yesterday. It was so lovely to get to see you and the men in their element. What beautiful items are made there!

And what a supportive and comfortable setting for the men. Graham, thank you for talking through everything with us, I’m sorry we had to stick to a schedule and get going.

The visits we do with guests are called ‘Seeing is Believing’ and I think our guests went away believing in you. I haven’t looked yet, but I think we got some good pictures too, if there are any really good ones I think you would like, I will send them your way.

Thank you again and we hope to find more opportunities to partner with you.

Stephanie Sumner
Development Officer
Two Ridings Community Foundation

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