Whitby Area Sheds

Where are the current and the prospective Sheds?

There’s SAMS Men’s Shed in Sleights area (at Littlebeck Methodist Chapel). There’s Whitby Women’s Shed (the She Shed) and Whitby Men’s Shed (WHIMS) at Eskmouth Scout Hall in central Whitby and two new Sheds for Men and for Women opened in Staithes in 2018.. Now in 2019 there’s a Shed for Robin Hood’s Bay anf Fylingthorpe.

SAMS has acted as a willing facilitator for all the Sheds and they are set up and nurtured by SAMS until they are ready to be independently managed. In fact, Staithes Area Sheds is now a registered independent charity. 

Go to the individual Sheds via the drop down menu.

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