The Season of Wood Stores

Wood stores are needed for storing wood. Obvious really. To keep it dry and keep it a tidy pile. Shedder Tom got underway with Shedder Ted on a second larger wood store at Staithes and on Wednesday at the Women’s Shed the team got underway with one at the end of the made-over Scouts garden.

Ted de-nailing

Tom (foreground) and Brian framing the wood store

Angela saws some timbers with Betty working hard watching

The Eskmouth Team























Then we played with a laser engraver at the Men’s Shed, 

Karen paints her planter and herself

Mike studiously reading a sheet but not the laser engraver instruction book

Three old boys – a study in posture

The first of 3 more garden benches being restored

A chalice turned by Shedder Eddie (with assistance from Keith) . Fab.

Graham’s David & Reuben rediscover sticks Bob had cut but forgotten which tree he hid them in!








Shedder Tony completed the footstool (with storage space) for a friend of Karen

Friendly Places certificates for Whitby and Staithes Sheds registering support for those struggling with their. mental health

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