The Dalek Shedder in BayThorpe Shed

The Daleks have now caught on to the idea of Sheds. One of their human Ambassadors, Danny,  who speaks their language says Daleks can feel quite isolated though they do feel loved by children of all ages! Daleks are almost human it seems

Danny is one of our our set up team for BayThorpe Shed. Not only does he have the Dalek Ambassadorial role but he is a professional “odd jobber” in The Bay and Fylingthorpe – a very odd “odd jobber”. Sheds are about an amalgam of characters and we’ve got a good amalgam already:-)

Here are some photos of the Dalek, a star at many local and distant, events.


The Dalek at Fylingdales Churches Together Garden Party

Just checking the entrails. Danny (in black at back) checks the bladder to make sure there is water to squirt



And here is an image of the BayThorpe flag

  And now a serious reminder of what BayThorpe Shed (and all our Sheds) is about in terms of people’s well-being.


SWR MIND is preparing a training module covering not only BayThorpe Sheds but also our other Sheds in Whitby District and others who wish to raise awareness.



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