The Candy Cart heads for a better place

One of the first shared projects we did at SAMS more than 3 years ago was to build a Candy Cart. It appears as one of 5 pictures on our Home page. Wait for it to come round :-). It was masterminded by Shedder Dave who had made several in his time.

It was used a handful of times at events, and was lent out occasionally. It has lived in Graham’s overcrowded garage. However, Sophie Hall of MIND remarked  recently that she would like one for them. Quick as a flash an idea came to me – have ours!!

Dave gave his blessing to the cart moving to a more appreciative home. We can borrow it back if needed. 

It was an amazing item because it closed down flat-pack like. A few bolts and wing nuts held components together. 

The Sheds are small and the opportunities to mass produce for sale are limited. Doing commissions and speculative one-offs (like the wooden/sheet metal car we are making at Staithes) are more our line of work. Plus making relationships!

Sophie is a woodworker too I believe and she can do new livery on the cart to signify SWR MIND.


The Staithes Car is coming on. Wonderful fun. About to get car body filler to really enhance the shape. Have a boot ready to add too:-)

Here is the installed “Shop” at Seaton Primary School

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