Tales of the Unexpected

One of our lady Shedders wrote recently that no two days were the same. Very true. Here are some unexpected happenings starting with Staithes.

Ian brought in a picture a friend had done of Ian’s dog (that recently died). It was wood burning on veneer then coloured. Beautiful work that Ian is now attempting to copy.

Another unexpected happening was that lining boards ordered from the builders’ merchants at 7.30am actually arrived at 9.15am before we arrived (last time it was 1pm). That allowed Malcolm, Graham and Brian to start lining the walls of the wooden shed with polythene sheeting, insulation and the boards. Very satisfying to feel progress and to use an electric staple 

On the right a photograph. On the left a tinted wood burning copy.

Ian trying the same technique.. A burning ambition.

Malcolm sweating insulating and panelling the wooden shed

Now the She Shed and BayThorpe 

Katy applying a plaster to Graham’s cut finger.

Tony’s model builds. The workbench and Santa’s sleigh

BayThorpe going well. Sanding table.

Ollie working on a fancy birdhouse

The design

All tidied away. Maggie and Elaine providing scale.

The Bay lights and the ceiling hub for Bay wi-fi. Free to the Shed thanks to the community view of the scheme.

Graham with the beginnings of the pull-out sleeping area for Scout leaders

Graham at work for a change

Some great craft

The machinery of a Shed

Stuart making log figures

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