Sunshine Monday in Staithes Dull in Whitby Tuesday, Far from Dull inside Wednesday, Thursday Outside at Littlebeck plus Birthday Cake!

Well, stretching the truth a bit given a wind but the sun was out. We had a good day finishing off some jobs and repositioning the air cleaner. We also started a workbench to be given (we intend) to a local school in the Staithes area. All pallet wood.

We had an intersting local drop in, Dave. He wanted to satisfy his curiosity about the Shed. He discovered he knew two of the Shedmen. Dave is not a candidate for membership – he’s very busy – but he readily understood the importance of the Shed for wellbeing.

The weather is dry but dull in Whitby today, Tuesday, but not the Shedders. Not that much anyway.

New workbench for Lythe school progressed and some gizmos to go on it. Ray turned a couple of pulley wheels for kids to wind up instead of the teacher:-).

Tomorrow (Wednesday) NYCC is in to film a sequence to help promote North Yorkshire Connect, an online directory of activities and organisations for people to browse. One of our Shedders in Littlebeck, Dave, came because his daughter discovered us by our promotion. He then moved from Oldham to Whitby:-)

More photos to be added here soonTaken by Richard of NYCC

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