Such a lovely feeling

Today in Staithes we began to clear the wooden shed annex to “The Shed” to begin refurbishment. We “mined” the wood inside and took maybe 30% outside so that we could see the structural condition of the place. In particular the extent of rot and what was causing the shed to sag. 

What we observed was a significant tilt in the shed to one corner by about 50 mm (2″ in old money). Some heaving and chocks put under the corner. Replacing rotted wood now. Then insulating and lining to make a cosy nook!



We like to be honest.

The photos taken by Graham of 4 hefty men supposedly lifting the corner is a complete con. They are posed photos.  In reality, Graham did it whilst the others looked on. Not one of them took out a phone to record the Herculean task.

On the way to Staithes this moruing Maggie and Graham made a delivery to Lythe Primary School. It was the two double sided art easels made by the Whitby Town Sheds under the watchful eye of Shedder Tony. Met with the children for a few minutes. 

BayThorpe nudges forward nicely with locks on the units and a reduction to the height of the lathe cabinet. 

The lathe cabinet skeleton flying a little lower now. 6″ lower To be boarded in.

These were discovered. What are they? We think legs for a railway station bench. A great item to revive.

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