We are a part of the Story of Sheds being told to our Communities. We are creating a proud legacy.

The UK Men’s Shed Association (UKMSA) wants 1000 stories of Shedders. How about you being one?

Your Story - Leeds | LinkedInOur hope is that as many as possible of the Whitby District Shedders (past and present, including carers and spouses) as well as Norton Men’s Shed will provide – by interview if necessary – their stories about what led them to the Shed. what their first reactions were, how their relationship developed and what good it might have done them in terms of their wellbeing.

We also want to take some emotive photographs of the individuals so that accounts and photos can appear in an online book.

There will also be some short questions of a yes/no or 1 – 10 variety that can be used (anonymously) for analysis to provide some UK based evidence of the impact of Men’s Sheds on men and women.

As one of a handful of Northern UKMSA Ambassadors for Sheds, Graham will be encouraging other Sheds to do similarly so that the North is fully represented.

PLEASE encourage each other to tell their story as a gift to those who do not yet know about the benefits we enjoy from being involved with  a Shed.

Help provide the UK evidence.

Speak to your leader or call Graham if you need help 07763 656627.

Sleights Railway Station book exchange cabinet

Build a Little Free Library for my front yard.From the resident in Sleights Station house:-

I have a small project that may interest your members at the Mens Shed, we would like to install a small book swap cabinet on the platform but would need someone to make one. I could probably get Northern Rail to fund the materials. Would this be something that would interest someone?

Whitby Town Shed is probably taking this forward. Maybe Staithes Shed could create a 3D printed train motif – Thomas the Engine?


There’s an exciting Shed project aimed at stimulating some folk the local community to dig for victory!

First, apologies that these works of art by Shedder Malcolm are in pencil!  Above is a sketch plan of the area of land next to Staithes Shed at the rear of Staithes Sports & Social Club. It used to be a bowling green with a concrete apron with benches around 3 of the sides. 

The are is now used to house large equipment like a roller and a heavy spiked pitch aerator.  There is a lot of bramble growth which the Shed cleared partially in 2021 and is now tackling more using the shredding machine.

Here is a drawing of Malcolm’s idea for raised beds.  Note the “castellations” in the design to allow the beds to be fully accessible at a good height. The carcass of the walls will be pallets cut in half. It will be lined on the inside and boarded on the outside.

Malcolm’s ideas for a safety cover for the spiked heavy roller that is a potting shed! How unique is that.

The objective is to set up a project that others might use as a gardening group or as separate smaller allotment areas.

Shattered . . . .

. . . . . not only some of the Shedders but the pottery SHED sign at Staithes.  Someone (Jim actually) screwed the sign to the door too enthusiastically and basically screwed it all up!

Brian points his finger but no in the right direction. He should be pointing the finger of blame towards the person behind the camera! 

A reminder of the hazards of  DIY electrics from BayThorpe’s  Stuart Purdie.

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