Stormy Weather Ahead

Brrrrr. What a sudden change in weather conditions. It’s time to batten down the hatches. Summer is behind and winter draws on!

Jim o’Staithes writes,

An extra shift at the shed today … we’re having some cold mornings we started with the warmth from the wood burner and Brian’s cuppa ….we then continued with the greenhouse construction and are pleased to say we made excellent progress.

We have now completed both of the lower polycarbonate sides and today we also changed the apex support struts to enable us to secure the apex ridge sheets to the frame .Depending on the imminent storm our next task is to get the main roof sheets installed.
As always there were plenty of laughs this morning and I’m pleased to say many mistakes avoided due to Ken’s engineering guidance and suggestions.
We are also planning the next stage of having an all access path installed from the shed to the greenhouse…watch this space on progress for this …
Enjoy the photos…..

The most cheerful photo of the lot!

So good to see the ripples in this


It has been teamwork for the past 8 months

Jim has great selfie skills

Norton Shed popped the lid on Anthony’s Man Cave on Tuesday, ahead of the rain!
And a month ago Normens finally got its Portakabin roof recovered. No leaks in sight so far.  
Graham reminiscing again
Looking back it is easy to see the path that has been taken with sometimes apparent long strides. Looking forward is much more difficult and it can seem like crossing a mine field on hands and knees. Paths go up and down as does life. 
Graham met a lady very close to where he lives quite by accident. Like Graham was, Paula is a civil engineer. A man came to Whitby Shed this week out of the blue with the same profession. Weird.
Weirder is that Paula is one of 12 trustees of the Institution of Civils Engineers in Westminster. Graham was mulling a break in London (with Joan!) to visit his Cockney roots.  He did but also determined to visit the Institution whose threshold he had not crossed for years. He did and was surprised how emotional it was for him. The building itself creates a sense of awe. At times Graham had found it a bit awe-ful .
Paula suggested Graham might like to write up his experience and submit it through her to the ICE Blog Team (or something similar) for consideration. A photo was to be included and Joan had photographed Graham in a leather armchair in the Library.
UK Men’s Sheds Association has materials on their website related to men’s wellbeing.
Worth looking on  on the Wellbeing tab at the top.
Here is a videocast on the subject of mental health.
Storm Babet has moved on but rain is forecast for much of this week
That is not good news when roofs need to go on buildings! However, Staithes Shed pushed on with polycarbonate sheets and a ridge piece being added.  That is harder than it sounds because there needs to be access to the sheets being added from the inside of the greenhouse without having to over-reach.  The Shedders tossed about the idea of sky hooks but decided on a ladder instead.

Here is a report from the first stage of roof installation which hopefully will lead to next sections being added more easily having established the “technique”.

Today was another busy one at Staithes….this followed an extra session last Saturday morning…unfortunately Saturday was very wet so Jim , Keith P and Ken had a cuppa a catch up with Keith and a bit of a planning session……on to today Jim , Brian , Phill ,Ken and later Martyn and Liz were at the shed …it was good to see Liz back as she has been ill for the last 10 days or so.
The milestone for today is that we have commenced the roof installation…..a tricky piece of work that required a lot of measuring , checking the measurements and using 3 cordless drills plus the engineering guidance of Ken ….we have completed the rear two roofing sheets plus an apex sheet to give us a guide for the rest of the corrugated sheets .
Forgot to say that we did have a cuppa of Brian’s finest tea to start and finish with ….The photos hopefully speak for themselves…and it is fair to say that we got a little production line going with the installation…starting with cutting the sheets with a multi tool …this required the body weight of Ken and Brian to make sure the sheet did not move whilst being cut……then once in place pilot holes drilled and the sheets secured …..hopefully with extra sessions this week and fine weather we should have roof completed by end of the week….

Norton Shed hopes to copy this design for a greenhouse in Norton next spring.  There is a seed exchange project in Norton and maybe we can send a packet ot two as encouragement!
Strangely interesting and good morning at Whitby Town Shed and Whitby Doing Place

Katy painted a nativity scene and continued with a jig saw

Looks like a tray a print compositor would have used. It’s for screws and to hold electric drills

Krampus DAG Disability Kart!

It is a dragon body being woven.

Winter is not far away (!) and we are to build a walling system for use in the Eskmouth Scout Hall to combat draughts and contain some heat from standalone radiant heaters.  Big enough for at least 3 Gopak tables. Building smart we hope!
Saturday saw Staithes almost capping it!

Only two more roof sheets to fit with the final ridge piece plus glazing the front. Liz is beginning to think inside winter cabbage!

BayThorpe Shed has just submitted an application for registration with the Charity Commission

This is the important first step to intended ownership of the hut used. The Shed has had valuable guidance from Community First Yorkshire in applying for registration as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.
Next step will be raising the funds assisted again by Community First Yorkshire. 
We are part of a growth industry!
Our Sheds have been on a growth path for nearly 8 years. UK Men’s Sheds Association has this year celebrated 10 years.
We’ve just received two badges from Len in Australia celebrating 30 years of Australian Sheds and a historic badge that marked the 10 year milestone twenty years ago!
Connection, Community, Camaraderie.

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