Start the Week

As well as Mental Health Awareness training, work carried on regardless at Staithes Shed with a depleted number.

The focus was the wooden shed we have started working on. No photos but here’s part of a detailed account from Shedder Malcolm . . . .

I gave Tom a hand. We cleared the back wall with the exception of both corners. There are two plywood hinged tables about 8′ x 2′ attached to the gable end walls that need to be removed to give access to the corners for reinforcing and sheeting. This can’t be done without removing the mountain of wood [inside]. An alternative would be to use a circular saw to cut off the ends of the tables which project into the corners.

Tom and I made a start cutting to length 6′ four uprights and have sorted out various lengths ready for cutting.

Ken from Scaling has taken the router home to remove/fix a ball bearing.

This coming Thursday, I may pop over to Aldi. They are selling quite a lot of wood working tools/gear which may/may not be of use for me. I think there may be a planer/thicknesser on sale.”

This may not sound interesting to many, but our hearts sing as wood is thrown about!! 
Tuesday at Whitby saw two new men come out of the blue.

Colin is a bored house husband whose wife works some days. She packed him off to us after discovering Sheds exist. He makes automata – would you believe!  [look up the word].

The other was Bob who thoroughly enjoyed his time.  Having noticed tea light candles he set to making a candle holder tray. Stand drill, electric drill, sandpaper and a chisel were all involved. He began to learn some good skills and took home his trophy!

Sister Hannah came in for ten minutes with a colleague who hailed from Newcastle. They took away a number of our postcards to give to a group who are staying at the Priory on retreat.

Bob using the hole cutter

Near finished item

A pleased look of a job well done. 

This is the Christmas Shed in the making. “Distressed” Venetian blind slats are the ship-lap boarding. Cut away to see inside.

Graham’s traction engine made last week. See the fire stack!








































The Thursday Sheds in Littlebeck, Staithes and BayThorpe each had a new attender more or less out of the blue. 

The word is getting around. 

At Staithes we got stuck into clearing out the wooden shed of the wood “mountain” – locally known as Tom’s Stack! Here are some photos starting with one of a red door, newly painted. Maggie painted it beautifully with no runs or blemishes.

Look at the professional sheen.

What a transformation! We can now set about repairs.

Both ends pretty much cleared.

Simon, Stuart and Olly were all doing their own thing. Olly cutting out the shapes for a bird box,Stuart making very long legged Reindeer- he whisked them away before a photograph could be taken. We are debating whether he’s going to make enough to pull Santa’s Sleigh.

In the gloom, (Elaine really needs to brush up on her photography skills) Simon and Ian chatted with Paul, a local man,who saw the flag and joined us for a couple of hours. He was interested in the story of Sheds and could be a regular.

Joe was about to.cut his lawn, but found his mower out of action. He and his dad had some bonding time fixing it, even finding time to have a cuppa, which just goes to show men can multi task!

This was our first week of proper “Shedding ” and our tea break conversation was about the need for the Shed, at the forefront of our minds with it being Mental Awareness Day. It was a heartwarming morning, but Elaine is opting out of the kitchen next week to actually produce something. The men say they can make drinks so she’ll put them to the test.

Come Friday later afternoon a small team put in triple sockets for wall heaters each side of the hut.

We have heat with a warming glow. The band saw in the foreground is on permanent loan from a well-wisher.

A tidy Shed. All tucked away. 

Today’s Whitby Gazette carries Graham’s Opinion piece about Frome’s Compassionate Community. 

Opinion Oct 10


Hard on the heels of the Gazette article on Frome came a piece in a quarterly interdenominational magazine for churches in rural areas. It is about the evolution of our adult Sheds into work with children and young people, the Kidz Making Good programme.



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