Start the Week

At Staithes.

Made very good progress today on the woodstore/cutting lean to shed on the back of the main Staithes Shed. The Garden Shed is moving into the adjacent wooden shed we have renovated.

Brian testing the strength of a truss

The frame is nearly in place and being clad externally.

More OSB3 boards on order for sides

The door panels will be filled in

****** Coronavirus ********

The message is now that everybody should take the threat of coronavirus seriously. At the individual level. Washing hands regularly and not touching the face, mouth and nose. Generally no skin contact (like handshakes and hugs). Use tissues and dispose of in the waste bin immediately.

At present there is no suggestion from the authorities that groups should cease to meet, but it makes absolute sense to take precautions and not be breathing all over each other. Work at a distance.


It may yet be necessary to close Sheds in this fast moving matter.

There may be individual concerns because of particular family situations. Concerned for an elderly relative, one Shedder has decided to forego the Shed but also other social activities in close situations. A very right decision.

We will follow matters closely and again it may be necessary to close Sheds.  Keep in touch.

Prostate Cancer UK and our Fire Service

Our friend Steve Harris has sent to advise of several talks they are giving at Fire Station premises on the subject of prostate cancer.  

Steven Harris
Temp Group Manager, Scarborough and Ryedale  Mobile: 07595 463975

Please do look at the places and locations and take the opportunity to hear an important message. Get a carload together. Pass this on.

  • 11th March – Lythe Fire Station 10.00-12.00.
  • 16th March – Goathland Community Hub 10.00-12.00.
  • 23rd March – Robin Hoods Bay Fire Station 14.00-16.00.
  • 26th March – Whitby Fire Station 09.30-11.30.
  • 30th March – Danby Fire Station 10.00-12.00.

SAMS at Littlebeck

The iconic feature of SAMS 4 years ago was the Big Green Box housing many of the small tools and the “drop down” bench top. It still exists but is now integrated into the fabric of the so-called “bus stop”. It is also now colour co-ordinated. It preserves the best of the old in a world of the new – but the same old Shedders!!

See the poster that still remains. Be Happy!

Bird Nesting Boxes

Steve Marsh made a prototype of the commonest design of nesting box in an endeavour to get away from his wife on Sunday.

Well done Steve. For the demo box not for getting away from Elaine . . . . . 

Today at WHIMS we got underway with boxes following Steve’s lead and the plans! 

A word about Tony’s bird head. It was a piece of scrap plank wood Tony saw in the woodpile. Such a beautiful knot and grain that Tony could see would be a great piece of wall art. Brilliant.

BayThorpe today



Awaiting some photos but they were working on boxes and a bike we think!!



Revival North Yorkshire – a Shed Public Service Announcement:-)

Link to Revival North Yorkshire video. Shedders Maggie of Staithes Shed and Jeff from Littlebeck Shed attend a monthly lunch at the Salmon Leap in Sleights. A Memory Lane Lunch organised by Debbie Swales and her team of volunteers. This draws people from Staithes to Robin Hood’s Bay and inland (same as our Sheds). They also take trips out. 

WHITBY Shed tackled more bird boxes. 2.5 on Tuesday and 4.5 on Wednesday. 

These are 7 made at Whitby Shed. Probably even more made at BayThorpe. Littlebeck is making the much bigger owl box from external ply.

Back to Staithes on Thursday

We arrived to find that the Garden Club had moved all their bins and bags into the renovated wooden shed. The result was that we now had a ballroom at our disposal – or it felt that way. 

We decided to make the extension end frame in this new space. Indoors and out of the cold. We are inserting two windows – double glazed in it. Hopefully Green & Sons delivered the 7 cladding sheets and two green mineral felt rolls for the roof.

Maggie got rid of some of the cobwebs around the place.

This is the Coronavirus information displayed at Seton Primary School


“Owling success” at Littlebeck.

Now an owl box special with verandah for Barn Owls. Dave, Roger and Co. set to with plywood and produced to the stipulated design. There’s some woodwork inside hidden from view. Well done. Two further variants to go.


To end the week, here are the bird boxes handed over today (Saturday) to the Naturalists. 15. Plus a Barn Owl Box and a Kestrel Box. 17 in total. One third of the total number ultimately requested.



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