Staithes, Marie, She Shed, BayThorpe

A very interesting morning at Staithes Shed. Continuing work on the car and starting a befriending hub at the Post Office van.

It’s coming on. Used some filler on joints and applied a lick coat of paint to reveal areas that need more filler and sanding.

The mobile Post Office appears on a Monday morning not far from the Shed. It attracts older people to conduct their PO business. They chat to the driver/counter clerk. It was (at the time) dry and bright and small queues form. 

A thought bubble appeared. Why don’t we put some garden chairs there for customers to sit on and maybe chat?

Brian reminded that we had 4 chairs that were decorated 18 months ago.  We took them along and Brian posed. Then a mother and “sick” child came along. We chatted about the Shed and hatched a plan for her two children to come along to the Shed sometime, possibly with other friends.The Sports & Social Club (our landlords) have given permission for the carpeted changing rooms to be used for a play space at times. Part of building community and educating on our Shed in Staithes.

Form an orderly queue! Mutual benefit of chairs to the Post Office van and for our awareness/recruitment.

Take a look at the work Marie has been doing in another module of her C&G studies. Marie said, “I have finished the sampler. Here are a few stitches. Pleased with it.” 

Marie ought to be! Her next project is to repair a hole in Graham’s sock.

Whitby Women’s Shed

Onto the sewing machine

Apparently practising random zig-zags

Tea time

Peter and Graham worked on the seating for the “pull” cart for toddlers

Katy painting the grill for Betty’s gate after rust removal with Dremel

Betty finishing the job















Good progress on 3 fronts at BayThorpe today. A planter, a workbench cum wood store and hard standing out back to . . . . . stand on!

We now have stable hard standing out back on which to work or rest.

ECO Parking tiles filled with gravel

Pallet wood planter sides assembled

This is an external workbench/ wood store underneath. On its front.

Adding sides to planter. See upright workbench taking shape. 

Standing around the 8th wonder of Bay world!! Now we need, preservative, compost and plants.



West Cliff School (aka The Beach School) has a bus to renovate. Dorothy by name. Had a tour to see what help we might offer to turn the inside into creative space. Brilliant.




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