Staithes Update

All continues on track, and hoping to hear good news on the finance front shortly.

We have the venue, which will be at Staithes Sports and Social Club, in an excellent building for shed purposes. We await the outcome of the application to The People’s Health Trust which is due shortly. The third really important element is the stakeholders. Ultimately, these are the Shedders, but it needs people as well as finance to pump prime the enterprise. Some are on the fringes of the action but are at the heart of encouraging Sheds to happen. The Surgery, the churches, Shedders from Whitby and now the Social Club.

There was a stakeholder meeting in Staithes recently which was remarkably encouraging because it brought together a family who saw the need for it for one of their number, two Whitby Shedders living in Staithes and a relatively new man on the block who (we judge) is in the leadership class by reason of skill and enthusiasm. There were a couple of others there too who know likely people that need it.

It has all the feel of the way SAMS started! A handful of interested parties to prepare the way.

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