Staithes Shed is Scraping the Surface and Whitby is a Doing Place too (with added postcard!)

Here is a summary of current Staithes goings on by Shedder Malcolm!  

Ian at work. A much appreciated job for the Community we hope.

Our funder for this bit of community enterprise

A BIG THANK YOU to Brian and his neighbour Ian Spedding  for digging out the site for the greenhouse. It is the onsite start to the community growing project adjacent to Staithes Shed. It is funded by the Woodsmith Foundation with the infrastructure work being done by Shedders. It will be a project for the wider local community to join in with and for individuals to benefit from in terms of well-being and produce!
Ian has donated his time and his own Bobcat equipment, not just for the benefit of The Shed and Staithes Club but (as Ian said himself} for the benefit of the Community. It would have taken us a month of Sundays as well as a week convalescing, to dig out the 15′ x 20′ area not to mention moving the heap of bricks, undergrowth of brambles and pulling out the disused scrap trailer whose wheels will never turn again.
The Garden Club members were in attendance to see what’s been done, hopefully they may be enthused to participate once it’s up and running. We now have a clear site to start the greenhouse.
Onduline who make and sell the polycarbonate sheets, have advised me that they would be receptive to our local builders merchant, Greens at Stanghow, submitting our order for the greenhouse roofing. I await Onduline advising me of product description, sizes, product numbers as their website, the Wickes website and conversations I’ve had, are a bit confusing and contradicting. The lads at local Greens will no doubt appreciate some clarity rather than ordering the wrong stuff.
Ken the grounds-man has left the padlock to the gate unlocked for Monday if needs be. We could make a start on shifting some scrap metal as Ken & Co are, I think he said, are going down on Tuesday to shift some scrap. He intends buying a new padlock with several keys to enable us to have access.
Ken mentioned a year or so ago, that it would be necessary, if the public were to have access to the site, that a shed or garage is required to protect the public from having an accident with the rollers, one of which is covered with sharp spikes/knives. The Ana White frame design for the Greenhouse could well be used to build a ‘garage’ for the roller, 10′ x 8′ perhaps. It would at least be in keeping with the Greenhouse profile
Jim was there today with the news the annex roof was now weathertight. We had a look up top and it looked a job well done. Jim also reported he has a couple of irons in the fire for the possibility of railway lines cut to size as a base for the wood burner stove.
I’m waiting of a response from Joe Redfern of Whitby Lobster Hatchery as to what he envisages for a wood Lobster key ring. Graham mentioned that the 3D Printer could burn a logo onto a wood key ring. We’ll see what Joe comes back with.
I’m still cobbling together a lumber cart mainly made from 5 pallets. It will be 6ft long, 28″ wide, 4 ft high. Free so far. The main expense will be a sheet of 4mm ply and 6 heavy duty castors. Reached the stage of flat pack assembly, moved it from my garage for assembly in the Shed. Hopefully, turns out better than my efforts to make a wine rack.
Meanwhile Graham advises that a new Virgin Money account for the Shed looks as if it is nearly there. We are all still learning as old codgers what Digi-Signing is!
Lots going on around the Staithes Shed.
All in all, a good day today. Well done Brian, Ian Spedding and Jim.

Here are some more Staithes images from today 6/2/2023

the cleared base slab for the future greenhouse. Malcolm lurking in the corner and Jim in the red!

Malcolm peruses his drawing of the Ana White Greenhouse.

A slim vase turned by Keith from a chunk of plywood. A beautiful piece.











Liz’s mug cosy crocheted by her. A new skill shed has developed in the past few months.















Malcolm’s scale drawing of pallet wall construction

The cunning plan.















There’s a range of new Shed-like but not Shed activities happening at Wednesday’s The Doing Place

First, for your delight is Colin who used to attend Staithes Shed and is “semi-detached” at Whitby Shed since Covid-19. He is in a care home (he’d rather not be!) and we doing our best to keep in touch with visits and using social media. He is a fighter (why else would you learn Zoom and WhatsApp at 80!

Colin has a longstanding friend in the Dalesmen Singers, Rev. Alan Coates. It so happens that one of the Norton-on-Tees Shedders is a cousin to Alan. “Railway” Dave accompanied Graham on a visit to see Sounds Creative at the Doing Place and followed that with a visit to Colin.

Colin entertained the Norton Two. In fine voice.


It was an exciting day at Whitby. A Magnificent Dozen by the end.

Sounds Creative involved 4 knowledgeable Shedders at the kitchen table.

There was too much glare on Bryn’s head which Graham solved.









We are amazed at the way Sounds Creative has gathered interest. A success story because it has involved young people too if you look back.

Katy rubbing down a table to be painted

First coat. Great upcycling.

Tony putting finishing touches to the table trolley.















Leo with bird box. Betty smiles on in the background!
















We took a group photo (though two Shedders gave excuses for not appearing!)

L-R Rob, Ted, Betty, Bryn, Leo, Aiden, Graham, Dave. Two were missing and a third arrived after the photo had been taken.

This is the draft promotional;advisory postcard for The Doing Place.  


Just to emphasise that if you hear of a small group hoping to start something else, please let us know!







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