Staithes Set Up

We are on track for setting up Sheds in Staithes to serve the area. One primarily for men and the other primarily women. We have done baseline work on getting premises (excellent, and very suited to our purposes) at the Athletic and Social Club. We have not gone into “recruitment” mode because we await a decision on funding from a Trust. That should be announced by 28th February 2018. The process started in November 2017. If the decision is not favourable, we still want to go ahead but clearly there will be need to reassess the situation. 

Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, here is a set of slides describing the Whitby Area Sheds embracing planning for Staithes. They were used at a meeting on 4th February.

Staithes Presentation (as .pdf)


Well, we’ve received the offer of funding indeed on the very last day of February. And now we have work to do on something tangible. If anyone reads this and would like to help with a start-up phase prior to formal opening then we would be delighted to hear from you.   Please email   

We visited the building yesterday to take a measure of it now that the Gardening Club has done a good job clearing the space inside. There were a few gardening club stalwarts there in the snow and we discovered bits of banter worthy of a Shed. Part of the building will be exclusive to us which is where we will probably install larger items of equipment. Part will be shared storage-wise with the Gardeners. However the whole central area will be clear for our use. We will likely put many of our items on wheels so they can be easily moved around (it’s what we’ve done at Eskmouth Scout Hall).

Graham might stand in the fertilizer bin to see if he can put on a growth spurt upwards (not outwards!). The overall internal size  is 5.5m wide and 10m long, with a wooden division across the middle in which a door can be inserted so  we have two means of escape in the event of emergency.

Here are a couple of current internal pictures in the shared half.

The decision was favourable and the latter half of March was spent in completing the “paperwork”. At the end of March the project was approved by the responsible Liaison Officer at the People’s Health Trust sand passed upwards for administrative processing. 

Consequently a Press Release went to the local media as below:-

Press Release Staithes

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