Staithes Puts on a Spurt

Great day (not just the blue sky weather). A real push by Brian, Bob and Graham to put  “things” in their place. There’s work now to be done making tables for bench saw, cross cut saw, lathe, vices etc. There is a First Aid station (like the one at the Whitby Shed) to be created. 

And later this week the soft-ish chairs arrive plus an Aussie sail for the Shed outback to protect from sun and rain in Staithes! Useless against sea frets of course which can roll in horizontally 🙂

This is a bookcase being reassembled from Churchfield Surgery, Sleights.

Assembled bookcase now a very useful storage unit. ..






Parts storage to the right of Bob. LIDL’s best!

On the recreation/gardening side of the dividing wall. Look at the yellow dangling object. It is a suspended power socket block that can also be slid across and lowered to the required height.

Shedder Brian took a photo of Bob and Graham. This was Bob’s first visit inside Staithes Sheds premises.


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