Staithes Leads the Shed Pack on a Monday!

Monday’s child is fair of face . . . 

Judge for yourselves bur here is Jim’s Greenhouse Report for 2nd October 

Well today was as productive as ever …..but commenced firstly with a cuppa of Brian’s finest tea…..( and biscuits ) …today we focused on the interior back wall and more coats of wood preservative…

Liz continued her sterling work on coating the frame and the new door , picking up from where she left off from her Saturday work …

Ken , Brian and Phill ( with not much help from me ) started lining the back wall with fencing boards .A simple task I hear you shout ….well you would think so ..but given the shape of the roof and the supporting structure it turned into a trigonometry and geometry master class from Ken…..all to ensure the planks fitted into their correct place with perfection …..not quite reaching perfection   we got them “near enough” …😀😀…..listening to maths  discussion was highly amusing ….enjoy the photos…

Somebody’s head always gets in the way but it is so near comp0letion now. Guttering .glazing and ridge are all to hand. Jim informs that the door was specially widened to be wheelchair compliant. Thanks to the experts who did it to help.

To the Big City by Caledonian Coach!

Graham had a visit to London. Two places visited were Churchill’s War Rooms and the Science Museum.  Both are wondrous places to visit!

These will be added to Whitby Doing Place’s Library of Things for Big Col in the Care Home and Graham to talk through. Anybody else too! Letting Colin leave his Care Home in his head at least.

Whitby gets to grips with an interview using the new kit.

This is the very first experimental podcast at Whitby, with Marie. Well done for her braving a grilling from Rob!





Staithes feels guttered

Jim report that this Monday saw3 further progress on the greenhouse….Brian , Phill , Ken , Liz and Jim managed to install more roof panels but this time with the corrugated foam insulators …they work a treat ….installation is a bit fiddly but the results are impressive ….
We also started installing the guttering and testing that we had the correct slope for the water to follow to ensure we can store it for plant watering etc….
Might try and do an extra day this Wednesday….


Won’t be long before the grand opening …



A piece in Saga Magazine relating to male loneliness and, yes, Sheds!|grp|membership|MEMNL0130%20Membership%20Oct%20wk2%20-%20Test%20A%2009102023|ContentMarketing|Control|help|eds_letter2

On this World Mental Health Day here is something that can worry men

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Whitby Town’s Aiden Richards paid a visit to Staithes Shed on Monday

If they knew he was coming they would have done some dusting!


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