Some Unusual Aspects of At Home Shedders’ Life

Please do send anything you’ve been up to during this lockdown period!! 

Here’s one as a starter. It is not Graham btw, but clearly some men somehow buckle down to domestic life.

Please do contribute items even though you may not be a Shedder.

Here comes Staithes Malcolm with his account of life outside a Shed. Lemon drizzle mashed potato cake!!!!

Afternoon Shedders,

I baked two wholemeal loaves this morning and, a Lemon Drizzle cake from a recipe in the Daily Mail. The cake uses mashed potato and ground almonds, no flour. It’s turned out very well much to my surprise as I’ve never baked it before. We baked a chocolate cake made with red kidney beans last week, absolutely lovely.

The fence is finished, just need the garden sorting next. Hard bit is getting the stuff delivered. But, we’re getting there.

The book on Traditional Clinker boat building has been despatched from the Book Depository, so there’s a bit of reading coming up. Itching to buy some new tools, hard to justify at my age. But, no pockets in a shroud. 

Just a sudden thought off the top of my head. A flat pack boat kit. We could make all the pieces at home, come the day we’re all back in the Shed, bring all the bits together.

Dream on!

Stay safe y’all. It’s five o’clock somewhere, talking of which, Sainsbury delivered a fresh bottle of gin yesterday. Essential supplies!!

Alan Jackson, Jimmy Buffett – It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere (Official Music Video)

Another Malcolm Nugget. He’s now into reminiscing . . .

A possible anthem for us old folks in the Shed, ‘I’m Not As Good AS I Once Was’.


I first heard Toby Keith when I was on holiday in the States. 

Happy days.

Toby Keith – As Good As I Once Was

**** We wish to assure any wives watching this that it was not filmed in a Shed. 

From Labrador, on the Gold Coast and our friend Len Thomson their May Newsletter, Tongue and Groove. They live in an upside down world.



Roger (one of our poetic Shedders) has been at it again. It’s “Over”.

Out of a dark time
to meet, laugh, shout
no fear of death about
to happen, dance, hug strangers,
after so long.
Bitter sweet widows
rejoicing with those who survived.
Somewhere some were still dying
but a sense of over
never to be the same.
No more generations erased
only the old order
the coming bitter winter
when the cost of the cost
of courage meant paying
the piper for that
early summer day.

Roger J Gould. 7/5/20



And here is Shedder Jeff from Sleights during a pastoral visit by Graham to present a gift of Lego to fill some time. It is sitting on the garden wall (the Lego not Jeff). 

Maggie of Staithes Shed also received one and Denis at Esk Hall Care Home too.

Jeff thought it was a box of biscuits at first :-).

Two other Shedders and a supporter received Lego too.

I bumped socially distanced into Olly Brown of BayThorpe Shed in B&M store. He’s looking forward to the Shed reopening even in a restricted way.

VE Day and Shedder Colin now living in a care home was in good spirits. The hat is a great improvement. The residents had Spam fritters today! Colin joked (I think) that when as a lad he had Spam fritters he’d thought there was an animal called a Spam:-)

HOUSE! or is it BINGO! Appreciating the work of the care home sector at this time and Esk Hall Care Home in Sleights in particular where  Shedder Denis lives (and previously also Shedder Angela lived), Sleights Area Men’s Shed (SAMS) decided to cheer up the residents and encourage the staff with the provision of a Bingo machine and a goodly supply of Bingo sheets and resource for some prizes for their first session (whenever that can safely be done with Covid-19).

Roger has been researching LEGO it seams and has provided this short movie.

Click on the link >  Lassington Oak Morris Dancers

Sheds are closed but opportunities are open!

We were able to collect the final tables from one of the closed Whitby pubs. We’ve had some excellent hardwood tables and chairs from there before Covid but some further tables had to be removed or they were to be skipped. They were carefully removed to the Whitby Shed for days yet to come!


The Spar Shop in Sleights with reminders of 75 years ago as VE Day is remembered and “celebrated” at home.





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