Some stuff we made

Too often we forget to photograph some of the clever stuff that is done in our Sheds. Please send some in!

This was today (28/3/22) at Staithes Shed. Malcolm has whiled some time away at home to make Staithes Shed a (very) lightweight, adaptable, versatile workbench.

In stepped Jim with a vacuum hose to interview Malcolm as he extolled the virtues of this amazing piece of kit made from three quarters of a sheet of ply (plus glue which Malcolm is renowned for).









Whitby Shed – The Wood Story  

Continuing the theme of creative work (on a smaller scale than Malcolm) Rob Shilson has written up an account from Whitby Town’s point of view.
“Woodworking has always been a popular activity at Whitby Shed with many members taking an active interest. We have two professionals, Tony and Ray, whilst amateurs like Rob, Bryn and Betty look on and learn!
Two relatively recent events have inspired and motivated the team.
  • Firstly we were donated a huge amount of good quality timber from John, a resident of Goathland.
  • Tony and Ray (foreground) feeding the planer/thicknesser

    Secondly we purchased a planer/thicknesser.
I had never used one of these machines before but was amazed how quickly a rough looking plank could be transformed into a thing of beauty. [It does not work on Shedders though.]
Shedders now can often be seen gazing at this store of wood and thinking ‘I could make a…’

Bryn using sliding chop saw to cut his door into parts for his arty shelf

Bryn for instance can seem to look at an old door and ‘see’ a shelving unit in it.
Strange, that to begin with we thought we had too much wood but I have recently noticed how rapidly the pile is reducing. We have been offered another consignment from the BayThorpe
Shed, have gladly accepted and look forward to receiving it.

Tony’s planter made for Marie. He’s added more to it now.

I must also thank Lawrence from Decadent Drawing who kindly arrived last week with a van load of planks and pallets.
By the time we had finished unloading these Bryn had already made half a planter from them!

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