Some more on Oz and Stratford Men’s Shed- including IDEAS of things to make.

Spent some time in  Canberra with  our Shedder friend Len (and wife Ros), then camping with the family, then a day visit to Melbourne and today a second visit to Stratford Shed.

A hammer shaped menu holder and condiments.

Len looking threatening? Something
a Shed could make for a Whitby cafe

A visit to the National War Memorial in Canberra

Several impressive dioramas in the museum.


Many other big exhibits of planes and tanks in the museum

Lancaster rear gunner’s turret. Tiny.












Graham was interested in the rear gunner’s turret because an uncle had been a rear gunner who survived many sorties including being shot down in Holland. They were “sitting ducks”.

Camping at Cape Conran

Not whilst camping but a  spider at Graham’s son’s.

The family camping rig unfolded. Robust.











Joan and Graham’s little home

Everything folds away including kitchen sink.









Trying to get a phone signal.

Grandson Henry unsuccessfully fishing.

A wood burning stove. 

Wallabies and kangaroos around.


















Back to Stratford Shed

A reminder of who is responsible for safety.

Just go!!

Model planes for kids

A tractor











Wheels for the toys

Ken is a former chippie. A grading machine in the making












A presentation Parker Pen turned
by a Stratford Shedder.

View of Stratford Shed from
mezzanine (attic storage) level

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