Some Good Mug Shots

Sheds have mugs of all kinds for all purposes. Here are this week’s selection of doers in Sheds.

Staithes on Monday

Yes, Shedder Roger with a bird ringing tool at the Staithes Shed. Lost? Possibly, but his declared reason was to learn the art of pyrography. He came under the tutelage of Shedder Ian (in the red hat!)

Brian and Ken at the table router that Ken has got into full working order. A quiet Shedder but a great asset. We look forward to Ken giving us a training day soon. At one time Brian thought a router was a satnav.

This is Roger’s first pyro attempt. It looks like a ship to us!

A lovely shot of Ian alongside Maggie both pyro-ing.

Sheds have mugs of all kinds for all purposes. Here are this week’s selection of doers in Sheds.

Whitby WHIMS on Tuesday

Shedder Norman with an automaton. Lawnmowing.

Pull the stick and the lawn in mowed!

Pete did a really good job on this chair that the photo does not do justice to.. It was a really productive day on ALL fronts.

Ray worked on his wife’s doll’s house (with Graham’s rare help). Tony and Norman worked on the “Christmas Shed” for St. Mary’s display.

She Shed on Wednesday was a laugh a minute!

Sometimes the atmosphere at a Shed takes an unaccountable turn in atmosphere – up or down! Wednesday’s was a very happy morning that all seemed to enjoy in activity, chat and banter. One of the She Shedders makes some very interesting personal statements about the Shed. Here are four from Wednesday.

  • I like a laugh with everyone that comes
  • I like having a talk with other people there
  • I like helping people who come here
  • I like restoring furniture items

These comments could in fact be made by most Shedders  – he or she, Whitby or elsewhere.

BayThorpe on Thursday

Up and at it but here are four photos that feature women!! 

In Whitby we have recently gained a male Shedder who makes automatons. Unusual we think. Believe it or not we had a lady, Cath, come to the BayThorpe Shed.  Guess what, Cath makes automatons too!

She makes many other things, leading workshops too, and here is an example of a string puppet she has made. 

Puppet on a string.

Clever joints involved, with strings attached.

It has a transformer face into a wolf!!

These are not puppets. Elaine, Cath and Maggie (from Staithes Shed)

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