Some Doings This Week

Always good camaraderie with creative fun

Manning the barricades. Lance & Tony in the background and Rob to the fore. Very smart jacket.

Martin tackled a bird box to the design required for the Cinder T

At Staithes we’ve got half the shell of the lean-to extension up including 3 trusses.

Sadly forgot to photograph result! Have to wait till Monday now. Finished shelving in wooden shed for Gardening Club. Bob Hodge was busy in Graham’s garage working on a new handle for a stick.

Maggie and Graham went from Staithes to a Memory Lane lunch by Debbie Swales in Sleights. Excellent atmosphere and Graham wore some platform shoes, pranced around to music with two walking aids and generally played the fool. Quite normal then.

You can see Shedder Jeff in the photo. Not impressed about being photographed it seems.

Elaine, Betty and Katie were busy on a sort out of materials.

At last. We installed the new access gates. Lance produced precision kits for us to assemble.

A Gazette spread on a grand scale.

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