Some Christmas Joy for Shedders

A Carol Concert courtesy of the Salvation Army. Settle back and join in with singing of some familiar, popular Carols and Christmas songs.

Then look at the timings (!) of some live woodturning sessions on Christmas items, including tips for kids. Pick up ideas for when we and North Yorkshire Youth start Young Apprentice Sheds next year as soon as Covid-19 permits. Creativity abounds!

An invitation to live woodturning events this coming weekend. By Record Power Tools. 

There are two pages to this pdf. The second features Andrew Hall in North East and has times to view more acceptable to most in the UK. You need to book in. 


Here is a e-Card that Graham has sent to his grandchildren. As older kids you might also like this. 

Talking Sheds at the Kitchen Table today

We had Carole Johnson, Community Development Coordinator of Humber and Wolds Rural Action)  pop in to chat.  Graham was his normally welcoming self.

Carole is hosting a similar group to get Sheds in her area to relate to each other.  Interestingly, Staithes Shed figured large in our cohort today. Colin, two Brians and a chunk of Graham. Philip Barlow joined with little difficulty (hurrah!) and gave us some insight into the benefit to him of now being online. He’s always a busy man but is not well connected these days with others. His secret of success was perseverance because he had a need to be online, just like Colin. Colin in the care home needed a window looking out to external relationships; Philip had the twin drivers to see one of his daughters abroad on a regular basis and to look up components and prices for early Landrovers.

Both Philip and Colin have been helped by several  organisations dealing with isolation and food supply. Sheds played the part of connecting them to the Net and letting them meet other men and women in banter. Colin says these slots are something to look forward to. 

Good to see BrianH but the sound quality was poor and his torch battery running down:-).

For those like Graham who don’t get out much

On a very rare trip into Whitby town, Graham saw these two clever life size models in wire.



Cafe Cart – front and back panels now fitted. 

Fitting end panel awaits the weather improving over next few days! Obtained Cuprinol County Cream and Forget Me Not colour paints for a two colour livery.  Trailer corner steadies being delivered Tuesday.

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