Snippets from the Invisible Sheds

Father of the Sheds, Roger Gould, has gone back to his second childhood if not his third, He has provided a challenge for kids of all ages (including Shedders therefore) to use best Blue Peter practice and spare toilet rolls to make a racing car. 

He was sent this by a friend. Pass this on to young families and boy racers for them to try.  Roger informs that this came from an American friend. Looks like they have a surplus of loo rolls there and are trying to  find other uses!



Anyone suggest a painting Graham might re-enact or you! Anything Shed related?

What to do during the quarantine? Reenact famous paintings! ⁠ It's an Instagram challenge using the hashtag #TussenKunstEnQuarantaine — which means 'between art and quarantine'!

Posted by Museums News on Saturday, 28 March 2020

And here from our Scouting friends. An idea for your grandchildren, children or even you. Camping holiday at home! 

A life on the ocean waves! 

An email from Staithes Shedder Malcolm pushing his boat out!

Morning from Malcolm,

I came across the Lyme Regis Boat Building Academy this morning, purely by chance as I was looking through the Axminster Tools website, ‘Meet the Maker’  Designer & furniture maker Alice Blogg

Although they run lengthy courses, if we want to go down the boat building route, could be worth talking to them to get some advice. If I was a lot younger, I’d be tempted to sign up for a 40 week boat building course. £15,850 for the course and £100 per week accommodation. Not cheap.  [ This sounds like grounds for a separation !!!! Graham ]

A final thought, do any of the Lyme Regis Boat Building students live and work here in the North, and if so, worth contacting.

 Welcome to the Boat Building Academy

BBA Projects – Boat Building Academy

Further to my previous email, they run a short course on Traditional Wooden Boat Building, Mon 29th June – Fri 3rd July, £675. 

Coronavirus and bad back permitting, I’d be on that course.



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