Small Steps lead to Massive Leaps

Gold  is found in little nuggets that reveal themselves unexpectedly. There are nugget times in Sheds. Here are several beginning with an account from Rob Shilson . . .

Shed Stories  4. John from Goathland

John is a retired farmer who lives in Goathland. He has lived there all his life and in later years made bee hives with his son. Sadly, John’s son passed away and he is now planning to downsize and move to Whitby.
He had heard about the Whitby Shed and contacted Rob to see if they could use some of the wood that he was clearing out. Rob emptied out the car and headed for Goathland.
On offer was a large assortment of very good quality wood, Oak, Ash, Beech, Elm, Pine, you name it…it was probably there. This wood was surprisingly heavy and a car load was soon reached by weight as opposed to space.
More trips were planned, so same again next week.
On the second trip a full car load was achieved as this batch was obviously lighter. All went well until when closing the garage door it jammed and the handle mechanism sheared.
Rob said he could probably fix it but John had no tools to hand. “Don’t worry”,  said John “you can do it when you call to collect more wood”.
A great idea but by now the Whitby Shed wood store was bursting and realistically could not take any more. Rob doesn’t live too far from Goathland so planned a good deed trip, after all John had been very generous with all the wood.
On Rob’s third visit John seemed far more interested in discussing the Shed. He asked what equipment we had and what projects we were currently undertaking. He was also pleased to learn that the small table he had donated was already being refurbished. He said when he moves to Whitby he will call by and take a look.

An example of how connections are made and how (potential) new shedders are formed!

Mind the gap!

A major success on Wednesday was getting wheelchair-bound Shedder Colin into the Whitby Shed itself (not just the main hall). He gained access by being pushed up the ramp towards the single door that other Shedder’s use. Would the wheelchair pass through the door opening????  Yes it did!!!  With 1cm to spare. Success meant that Colin could be with the other Shedders in Whitby (having originally been a Staithes Shedder).

Colin wrote the next day.

“Many thanks for making yesterday happen Graham it was appreciated just to get out into the world for a couple of hours with different people is very therapeutic and it gave me a great start to an otherwise mundane day.
Thank you for your kindness, friendship, and constant support you and others in my life are helping to show me what is possible as I try to reinvent myself and adjust to the new different world that I am facing?
God bless you Graham.
Colin E, Larpool”

Graham may have co-ordinated arrangements a bit BUT it was the team that did it. It was like DIYSOS on the telly in terms of everybody standing by to help. One of those individuals was new Shedder Bryn who is fact oscillates between the Shed on the stage and Krampus activities in the main hall. It not just what the Shed does to help us but how we can also help the Shed – the Shedders are the Shed.

Here are some photos of the day – the Christmas Shed refurb was completed and Santa is ready to go to St. Mary’s as a contribution to the Tree displays.


Just to reassure that the hairy hand is a prop for the Krampus Run. Nobody lost a hand during the morning.

The pinball machine is a refurb of a second  hand purchase by Rob. Good, clean fun. We also managed to get the TV monitor going by tethering his computer from his mobile hub, with camera attached. We can Zoom now too. Likewise at Staithes Shed we have broadband reinstalled this week. Colin can now join in both of his “home” Sheds remotely. Another gold nugget.

A leap across the moor for a small step in Norton-on-Tees

A Shed is in prospect in Norton where Graham now lives (and commutes to Staithes and Whitby!). There are a couple of possibilities for a Shed location. Indeed using both is a possibility. 

Below is a leaflet put together to explain something of what a Shed is about.

Norton Shed1

There’s a lot to do, but a journey starts with the first step.



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